[Group] Kalgolem Crystals
Race Asmodian
Type Group quest
Number 2371
Given by <Padinerk>
in Sky Temple of Arkanis
Level 33 (32)
Sharable No
Abandon Yes
In-game Link [quest: 2371]

Go to the Fire Temple, collect the Power Crystal and the Magic Power Crystal, and bring them to Padinerk.

Quest Information Edit

Objectives Edit

<Power Crystal> (0/3)
<Magic Power Crystal> (0/1)

Basic Reward Edit

Walkthrough Edit

Kill Power Kalgolems and Aetheric Kalgolems to get the required drops. When you have collected all of them, return to Padinerk to collect your reward.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"Do you consider yourself brave, Daeva?
Padinerk has an intriguing proposal for a brave Daeva."
1 "I'm brave enough."
"Brave enough to face what's inside the Fire Temple? Padinerk thinks it's terrifying in there!
But a Daeva who can face down Power Kalgolem and Aetheric Kalgolem could make much kinah in partnership with a clever Shugo, yes?
Daeva agrees, yes?"
1 "Sounds interesting..."
"If Daeva will kill Power Kalgolem and Aetheric Kalgolem, Padinerk will pay Daeva well for what's on their bodies.
Much, much demand in Pandaemonium, akakak!""
Do we have a deal, brave Daeva?"

Accept Edit

"Good, good! The Fire Temple has many Power Kalgolems and Aetheric Kalgolems. That is why Daeva should take some brave friends along!
And don't forget the Power Crystals and Magic Power Crystals, nyerk!"
X "I'll remember."

Decline Edit

"But you said you were brave, nyerk!
And Padinerk gave Daeva important information for nothing!
Padinerk is very disappointed, yes."
X "Let me think about it."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"It's true Padinerk can't leave this place, yes.
Still there must be many different ways for a Shugo to make money... .
Oh! Did you bring the Power Crystal and Magic Power Crystal?"
1 "Enough to keep you happy."

= Failed Item Check Edit

How can Daeva hold head up before Shugo, nyerk?
Padinerk need those Power Crystals and Magic Power Crystals, yes?"
X "You'll have them."

Successful Item Check =Edit

"They sparkle! Akakak!
Someday Padinerk will get out of here, and sell them for lots of Kinah in Pandaemonium.
Here is your reward--more than enough, yes?"

Summary Edit

Padinerk asked you to get the Power Crystal and the Magic Power Crystal from Kalgolems in the Fire Temple.

He told you he could make big money by selling them in Pandaemonium. So you killed the Kalgolems and brought him the crystals.

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