[Spy] Finding Bollvig
Race Asmodian
Type Spy quest
Number 2653
Given by Nesteto
in The Storm Circle
Level 45 (43)
Preceded by Tango quest icon <[Spy] Medicine for Nesteto> [45]
Followed by Tango quest icon <[Spy] The Last Persuasion> [45]
Sharable No
Abandon Yes
In-game Link [quest: 2653]
Part of a Series
  1. Tango quest icon <[Spy] A Friend's Whereabouts> [45]
  2. Tango quest icon <[Spy] Medicine for Nesteto> [45]
  3. Tango quest icon <[Spy] Finding Bollvig> [45]
  4. Tango quest icon <[Spy] The Last Persuasion> [45]
  5. Tango quest icon <[Spy] Reaper Squad Squish> [45]
  6. Tango quest icon <[Spy] Letter to a Friend> [45]

Nesteto finally told you where Bollvig is. Fly to the Floating Island and talk with Bollvig.

Quest Information Edit

Objectives Edit

Basic Reward Edit

  • Xp 1,477,320 XP
  • Ap 100 Abyss Points

Walkthrough Edit

Once you return with the collection items Nesteto asks you to acquire for him, he tells you where to meet Bollvig... on the top of the highest platform. Fly up, speak to him, then return his words to Betoni. If you set up a kisk, you can simply return from here, complete the quest and get the follow-up, then die to an Abyss guard to return to your kisk. This would require a <Beluslan Fortress Scroll> or a <Primum Fortress Scroll> to do easily.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"Before you go, you should know that Bollvig wields great power here in Heiron. The Elyos have been unable to kill him, no matter how they try. He commands hordes of Undead who serve him unconditionally. This entire area is under his rule. so step carefully."
1 "I'll remember. So where is he?"
"So impatient. Death teaches you patience, you know. There is all the time in the world, really. Still, I have kept you for some time.
If you truly wish to find him, you'll need your wings. Bollvig is on the highest of those floating islands, just over there. If you must go, be mindful of his terrible anger."

Accept Edit

"Very well, then. If you must, you must. Fly to the island--he'll be somewhere near the center, most likely. You may be attacked along the way--not all his minions are as discerning as I am. Be careful and good luck!"
X "Farewell, Nesteto."

Decline Edit

"That's probably the wiser course of action, yes. His moods are unpredictable at best, you know. Yes, that's very reasonable of you.
Perhaps you'd like to speak longer with me? I've been writing a five-act play on the difference between life and undeath..."
X "Another time, perhaps."

Intermediate Dialogue Edit

"You...You're an Asmodian. Why would you come seek me out here, in this place? Who sent you?"
1 "Your friend Betoni misses you."
"Betoni is looking for me? I can't believe long ago. I can't believe I haven't passed beyond all knowledge there. Aion knows I tried hard enough.
I appreciate his concern. This is my destiny, however. I owe death to the hypocritical, sun-blighted, clawless cowards who killed my love...Myanee. She was all that was good in life, shade and sun in one.
Tell Betoni not to look for me any longer. The Bollvig he knew is no more."
1 "Walk in Azphel's shadow."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"[Player Name], welcome home. Did you find Bollvig? What did you learn?"
1 "He is alive, but greatly changed."
"Bollvig...fell in love? With an Elyos woman? And now he wants to revenge himself on those who caused her death....
Bollvig's strength is legendary, it's true, but he can't possibly defeat all of Elysea, no matter how great his rage. I must find a way to help him return to Asmodae and give up this foolish quest, before it's too late."

Summary Edit

After Nesteto told you where Bollvig was, you flew to the Floating Island and met him at last. You delivered your message from Betoni, but Bollvig sent you away. He revealed his goal, to kill those responsible for Myanee's death, and gave Betoni a message to search for him no more.

You returned to Betoni and delivered Bollvig's words. Betoni said that he could not allow his friend to perish in such a hopeless task, and that he would find a way to bring Bollvig back to Asmodae.

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