[Spy] Medicine for Nesteto
Race Asmodian
Type Spy quest
Number 2652
Given by Nesteto
in The Storm Circle
Level 45 (43)
Preceded by Tango quest icon <[Spy] A Friend's Whereabouts> [45]
Followed by Tango quest icon <[Spy] Finding Bollvig> [45]
Sharable Not specified
Abandon Not specified
In-game Link [quest: 2652]
Part of a Series
  1. Tango quest icon <[Spy] A Friend's Whereabouts> [45]
  2. Tango quest icon <[Spy] Medicine for Nesteto> [45]
  3. Tango quest icon <[Spy] Finding Bollvig> [45]
  4. Tango quest icon <[Spy] The Last Persuasion> [45]
  5. Tango quest icon <[Spy] Reaper Squad Squish> [45]
  6. Tango quest icon <[Spy] Letter to a Friend> [45]

Nesteto told you that he would reveal <Bollvig'sBollvig> whereabouts if you brought him what he needed. Get the Muddy Elemental Water and Bloodwing Fluid for him.

Quest Information Edit

Objectives Edit

Muddy Elemental Water (0/4)
Bloodwing Fluid (0/10)

Basic Reward Edit

  • Xp 2,216,000 XP
  • Ap 100 Abyss Points

Walkthrough Edit

After getting the quest, go to Stenon Bay to kill Contaminated Water Spirits. The Bloodwings of Darkness can be found at the Drake Temple Ruins. Be careful of the patrolling mobs when killing the Bloodwings. Kill until you get the required number of each item, and return to Nesteto for the reward.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"I'm just so happy to have a chance to chat with you. You don't mind, do you? It's the first thing in ages to take my mind off the pain."
1 "You feel pain?"
"Of course. Some pains live beyond death. I'm sure if your spirit goes to the flow of Aether, everything's fine, but for those of us trapped here....
There are ways to ease this pain, of course. Things that make it better are hard to get, though, when you're always being attacked.
If you'll go get what I need, I'll make sure you see Bollvig straight away. Do we have a bargain?"

Accept Edit

"I can't believe my good fortune that you happened along. Very well, I'll need Muddy Elemental Water and Bloodwing Fluid.
The Muddy Elemental Water comes from Contaminated Water Spirits on the Stenon Bay. The best Bloodwing Fluid, on the other hand, is gotten from the Dark Bloodwings living in the Drake Temple Ruins.
There are some other items we'll need too, but lets focus on these for now."
X "Other items? Shards! All right."

Decline Edit

"Of course. I understand that you're not in a hurry. Of course, you should know that I'm the only one of Bollvig's soldiers who can speak. I wish you luck wandering around Heiron, though."
X "I...well, blast."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"If death does not end pain, how does one know one is dead? Is there aught beyond my own thoughts, or am I truly what I seem to be? To be...or not to be. That is the....oh, hello there.
So, were you able to get Muddy Elemental Water and Bloodwing Fluid?"
1 "Here, water and...fluid."
"Are life and death two sides of the same coin, or the same side, glinting between light and shadow? How...can we know, or--oh, you've returned? Wonderful! And you have the items I need! I can't thank you enough.
I almost feel the pain receding as we speak. It's been so's all I could ask for. You've been such a help to me that I feel I can't delay you any longer. I'll tell you where to find Bollvig.

Summary Edit

Complaining of pain lasting beyond death, Nesteto said he would tell you Bollvig's whereabouts if you brought him what he needed to ease the pain.

You went to the Stenon Bay and the Drake Temple Ruins, defeated Contaminated Water Spirits and Bloodwings of Darkness, and took Nesteto the Muddy Elemental Water and Bloodwing Fluid.

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