A Missing Father
Race Asmodian
Type Campaign quest
Number 2053
Given by Mani
in Beluslan Fortress
Level 36 (31)
In-game Link [quest: 2053]

Talk with Mani about the mysterious disappearances around the fortress.

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Walkthrough Edit

Bridge of Heaven

After talking to Mani, talk to Paeru. Double-click the pamphlet in inventory, then head to the Malek Mines and find a narrow bridge over the ravine to get the update for the Bridge of Heaven. Use the marker on the map as a guide to the correct location. (The quest will update when flying from Beluslan Fortress to Red Mane Cavern and will eliminate the location marker.) On the bridge is a Strahein's Liquor Bottle to click to get <Strahein's Wine Bottle>. Return to Beluslan Fortress to talk to Mani. Talk to Hammel, who is in a prison in the lower area in the Fortress. Join a group to kill the Mine Supervisor or Mine Overseer to get the Port Key. Alternatively, there are non-elite Supervisors that can be killed for the key and then avoid aggro up to the Secret Port Entrance. Once through the door, move forward until the cutscene triggers. Return to Mani to collect the rewards.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"Nerita sent you, right? I hope you're as good as they say you are.
I'm getting nowhere in this case. I can't help worrying about that poor kid."
1 "What's the matter?"
"We found this cute kid, Paeru, wandering outside the fortress, alone and crying. He told us his dad was missing.
The dad's name is Strahein. There've been a lot of rumors about missing people, but nobody really knows anything.
I haven't been able to speak to him---he cries every time an Archon asks him about his dad. Maybe you could talk to him for me?"
1 "It's worth a try."
"Good. Don't be too rough on him, okay?"
1 "I won't."

Intermediate Dialogue Edit

"Are you...are you here to help me find my dad?"
1 "I am. Can you tell me what happened?"
"I waited and waited, but he didn't come back. He told me to meet him there...he said we wouldn't have to suffer anymore.
That's what the paper said. Where is he? Is he coming back?"
1 "Paper? What paper?"
"It said we could all become Daevas. Is my dad a Daeva like you now? Is that why he didn't come back?"
1 "Let me see the paper, and I'll find out."
At the Bridge of Heaven
(It's a blue wine bottle wrapped in leather.)
1 "Examine it further."
(This must be Strahein's wine bottle. There's no other trace of him, though.)
1 "Interesting."
"Did you find Strahein? Please tell me he's not dead. That'd be sad."
1 "I think the Lepharists are involved."
"This is big. If they're behind these disappearances...I need to report this to the Shadow Judges.
In the meantime...we've got a Lepharist locked up in the fortress dungeon. He hasn't talked yet, but I bet he knows something."
1 "He'll talk to me."
"Another Daeva. What makes you think I'll talk to you? I've already been threatened, beaten, and starved. Do your worst!"
(Hammel trembles in fear.)
1 "Archons have rules. I don't."
"You Daeva bullies don't frighten me. Lord Lephar will deal with you when the new age comes!"
1 "Until then, you're all mine."
"You want to...know about our glorious revolution?
Those who wish to ascend go to the Alquimia Research Center. I'm not worthy to know what mysteries transpire there.
You can go to the port and...and see for yourself. The Secret Port Entrance...either the Mine Supervisor or the Mine Overseer has the key."
1 "If you're lying, mine is the last face you'll ever see."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"I told the Shadow Judges what the Lepharists were up to. They are starting a full investigation.
What about Strahein? Did you find him?"
1 "I was too late..."
"Strahein's still alive...for now. Aion only knows what those Lepharists are up to. We'll find Strahein when we get to the bottom of this."

Summary Edit

Mani had you investigate the disappearance of young Paeru's father, Strahein. You found out that he had gone to join the Lepharists, who were promising ascension for all. After investigating the site and interrogating a Lepharist prisoner, you discovered those who wanted to ascend were being taken to a secret research center. You hurried there, and saw Strahein being loaded onto an airship.

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