Disambig icon For the Asmodian quest, see A Sword Gone Astray (Asmodian).
A Sword Gone Astray
Race Elyos
Type Standard quest Tango quest icon repeatable
Repeats 255
Number 1965
Given by Titanium Sword (Quest item)
in Artisans Hall
Level 25 (15)
Sharable No
Abandon Yes
In-game Link [quest: 1965]
Sword to abyss quest
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Quest Information Edit

Objectives Edit

Basic Reward Edit

Walkthrough Edit

This quest starts from an item you receive when doing work orders for Weaponsmithing. It is a rare item, but you can have more than one. The quest says level 15, but you in fact have to be 25 to turn it in since you need to enter the Abyss.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

(This is an ornate Titanium Sword. It is perfectly weighted. The handle is lavishly decorated, and the blade itself is keen and seems to sing as you swing it.)
(On the handle is a small tag that reads "Supply to: Reshanta Teminon Fortress.")
(It appears you have received this sword by mistake. The intended recipient is presumably still waiting for it in the Abyss. Perhaps you should take it to Supply Officer Clatanan at the Teminon Fortress in Reshanta.)

Reward Dialogue Edit

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The reward you received after completing your crafting task is exactly the type of sword that outposts in the Abyss desperately need.

You took the sword to Clatanan, who was very grateful for your donation.

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