Normal NPC Portrait
Icon emblem guard

Agamemnon patrols the pathways of the Airship Dock and the Sky Canal. He is willing to share information about Sanctum to a listening ear.

Locations Edit

Dialogue Edit

"Who am I?
Just one of many Guardians who watch over Sanctum. It's a duty and a privilege. Between the Darks and the furbacks, we're all that stands between Atreia and destruction.
Sure it's dangerous, but if I don't stand up, who will? Should I die in defense of our people, at least I did what I thought was right. There are worse fates."
1 "Tell me about Sanctum."
X "I'll let you go now."
"What? You really are new around here! This is the mighty refuge and capital of the Elyos, suspended far above the ground by the power of Aether.
A priest said to me once, 'As the river finds its way to the sea, so do we find our way to the place we hold most dear.' As you have, Daeva.
Sanctum must never fall into the hands of the enemy!"
X "Faith and arms, friend."

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