Map of Alquimia Research Center

Alquimia Research Center is a research center deep inside Alquimia Stronghold. This somewhat obscure Lepharist facility has been rumored to conduct secret experiments with Humans, seeking to create Daevas. This is a group instance for Level 35+ Asmodians or Elyos. The entrance is in Beluslan, in Alquimia Stronghold. Cooldown is 2 hours for re-entry.

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Walkthrough Edit

Getting to the Center can be a challenge as it is surrounded by elite mobs, with roving ranger patrols and invisible scouts. Upon entering the door, the room appears crowded with multiple patrols. Extremely careful pulls to the doorway will create some space. It is far to easy to chain- aggro resulting in a group wipe, and many groups place a kisk at the entrance.

The first key keeper, <Researcher Zoiks>, is to the left side. Clear mobs to get there to get the <Daevic Genesis Lab Key>. Clear the nearby right side mobs as well before going into the tunnel to the next area. Head down the tunnel, which has two invisible mobs, to the end.

At the intersection, check both sides for rare named NPC spawns. Continue down the center path until the next intersection. Go right, continuing to clear. Kill <Key Protector Nimue> to get the <Lepharist Sanctuary Key>. Head back to the intersection and take the left path to the Daevic Genesis Lab.

To your left you will spot the <Research Center Power Generator>, which can be destroyed by ranged dps for the quest A Spy Among the Lepharists. All dps will only hit for 1HP. The campaign will update, but the flare can be set off after finishing the instance. Check for a rare spawn in the corner test tube - <RA-121ex> who has a chance to drop level 44 green weapons.

Clear the room to the door to the core of the instance, the Lepharist Sanctuary. It is possible to sneak around the side of the mobs, although killing through the middle is another option. Work towards the end of the room. <High Priest Esras> is a straight-forward 'tank and spank'. (Remember to set off the flare upon exiting the instance.)

Alquimia Areas Edit

Unique Drops Edit

<Lab Director Odetu>Green Shield type 2 <Odetu's Shield>
Green Ring type 2 <Odetu's Ring>
<RA-121ex>Green Sword type 2 <Mutant's Sword>
Green Dagger type 2 <Mutant's Dagger>
Green Tome type 2 <Mutant's Tome>
Green Mace type 2 <Mutant's Warhammer>
Green Earring type 2 <Mutant's Earrings>

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