Altgard was the second region that Asmodian players would originally explore, and oversaw the progress of players from level 10 up to 20. On this map players would be acquainted with several other mechanics that define Aion as they continued to hone their skills as a Daeva: players would run their first instance, be introduced to the flight aspect, and receive their first few [Group] quests which would require teaming up against elite monsters.

In the Aion 6.0 update Altgard was removed from the game. Beluslan would take over Altgard's role.

Lay of the Land Edit

The region was study in contrasts, from the frozen Altgard Fortress area to the lush fertile fields of the MuMu Farmland. The region was guarded by the Archons under the watchful eyes of <Brigade General SuthranSuthran>. Players could fly in Altgard Fortress, as well as the Heart of Impetusium area, which was undergoing major reconstruction. There were many small outposts, but also several larger towns such as Basfelt Village and Altgard Observatory. Along with the varied wildlife in the region, players would confront the Black Claw Tribe and the Lepharist Revolutionaries who sought to disrupt the lives of the local inhabitants. There were no rifts in Altgard.

Instances Edit

Solo Instances

History Edit

Altgard Zone Tour

Altgard Zone Tour

At some point in time, Altgard was Asmodae's center of culture and prosperity. Daevas would come to Impetusium and duel to their heart's content after completing their duties. Humans and spectators would watch in amazement at the clashing daevas; there was huge fanfare and joy that overfilled the columns and walls of the stadium. After the discovery of the Elyos and the Abyss, Asmodae lost touch with their joy and carefree lifestyle. Daevas now needed to spend every moment of their immortal life fighting for the sake of their land, people, and lords.

Apparently, another shift has happened that disturbed human confidence and self-sustainability. The wildlife has grown ever more vicious and brutal. The once proud hunters of Basfelt Village now cower in fear over the Mosbears. Perhaps the contamination that has spread throughout their water source is the culprit? Apparently, trade has suffered as well, and vicious wildlife threatens reconstruction of Impetusium.

Through many struggles, the once proud Impetusium is being resurrected to see more glory to be told; however, the Black Claw Mau threaten long-term resettlement. Controlling over half of Altgard, Pandaemonium has other plans to sabotage the ever growing Mau power. The Archons work diligently and hastefully to crumble the Mau territories. Many obstacles still hinder complete Asmodian superiority, but alas, the human race will not stand idly by!


Towns and outposts
Explorable areas


Azpha 01p Herb Azpha <Azpha>
Fresh Azpha <Fresh Azpha>
Conide 01p Shellfish Litrea <Conide>
Small Vortex 01p Aether Aether Powder <Aether Powder>
Pujery 05p Fish Pujery <Pujery>
Raydam 10p Fruit Apple <Raydam>
Iron Ore 15p Metal Iron Ore <Iron Ore>
Briga 20p Vegetable Briga <Briga>
Tikel 25p Plant Tikel Fiber <Tikel Fiber>
Small Vortex 25p Aether Aether Powder <Aether Powder>
Tecoma Log 30p Log Tecoma Log <Tecoma Log>
Silver 35p Soft Metal Silver Ore <Silver Ore>
Rose Quartz 40p Gem Red ore <Rose Quartz Ore>
Kandula 45p Herb Kandula <Kandula>
Fresh Kandula <Fresh Kandula>
Otombliss 50p Fruit Kiwi <Otombliss>
Small Vortex 50p Aether Aether Powder <Aether Powder>
Krimer 55p Vegetable Potato <Krimer>
Crystal 60p Gem White ore <Crystal Ore>
Blueta 65p Fish Blueta <Blueta>
Horto 75p Vegetable Cippo <Horto>
Small Vortex 75p Aether Aether Powder <Aether Powder>
Amethyst 80p Gem Blue ore <Amethyst Ore>
Blicora 85p Shellfish Blicora <Blicora>
Ringa 90p Fruit Orange <Ringa>
Kisaki 95p Fish Kisaki <Kisaki>
Big Vortex 100p Aether Aether Crystal <Aether Crystal>
Greater Aether Crystal <Greater Aether Crystal>

Travel Connections Edit

Teleportation Pandaemonium 550 Kinah icon
Teleportation Ishalgen 875 Kinah icon
Teleportation Morheim 1,850 Kinah icon
Teleportation Brusthonin 1,755 Kinah icon
Flight transporter
Flight PathCost
FlightConnection Altgard FortressAltgard Observatory275 Kinah icon
FlightConnection Altgard FortressBasfelt Village435 Kinah icon
FlightConnection Altgard FortressHeart of Impetusium435 Kinah icon
FlightConnection Altgard FortressTrader's Berth615 Kinah icon
*Note: Teleport and Flight Transporter prices are an approximate 100% value and may fluctuate based on your servers' Influence Ratio.