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Ariel, Lady of Light

Ariel, also known as the Lady of Light, is one of the Empyrean Lords. She is the Arch Seraphim of the kingdom of Elysea and serves as leader to the other four Seraphim Lords.

Character Edit

Ariel symbolizes light and the direction South. She is amiable and thoughtful, and defined as the most beautiful and lushful Daeva in Elysea. Although it is assumed she has special abilities like the other lords, these abilities have never been revealed to outsiders.

History Edit

When Israphel called for peace with the Balaur toward the end of the Millennium War, Ariel was his main supporter. She harbors deep disappointment and regret that Azphel's ignorance and recklessness led to the failure of the peace accord.

After the Cataclysm, she went to the lower hemisphere along with her followers, to defend the southern base of the Tower of Eternity. She became the leader of the Seraphim Lords and ruler of all Elyos.

She is aware of Lephar' presence even so, it looks like she knows his true identity. She orders her deputy to send aid for Kaisinel who is fighting in Inggison and Tiamaranta .

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