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Asak is an Ulgorn Raider at Aldelle Hill in Ishalgen. He weeds out Spriggs with [Player Name].




"It's been a while since we came to this island. I expected to have left quite some time ago...
Picking on Spriggs gets old after a while."
1 "I can imagine."
X "Yeah, tough break."
"I hope we get off this island soon."
X "Me too."
With quests
"[Player Name], are you all right?
You look a bit..."

Trivia Edit

  • Prior to game version 1.5, this NPC was named Ask.
  • In this NPCs dialogue page in-game, there is a section of text he is supposed to say once you've ascended. Although, it seems the dialogue was never actually added to the NPC to show to the player. The dialogue was to be as follows:
"Oh, it's you! And you've become a Daeva!
Time has certainly gone by.
When you've become a great protector of Asmodae, I'll be able to say I knew you...."
X "You're too kind."

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