Attributes, or Stats are the basic building blocks for a character's combat ability. The two inherent stats are HP and MP. Once ascended, Daevas accumulate Divine Points (DP). To view a character's attributes open the Profile panel (default P). Base attributes will always appear in the top section with other attributes below. Use the arrow key to scroll through the rest of the attributes.

Base Attributes Edit

There are 8 base class attributes. When a character is created, they are assigned based on the class. At level 10, when the character ascends, the base attributes are adjusted depending on the final class chosen.

Attribute 1

Hit Points (HP) are the numerical value representing the amount of damage a player or NPC can take before their demise. When a player's HP reaches 0, they die.

Mana Points (MP) are the numerical value representing the amount of magical power a player has available. If not enough points are available, skills and spells will not activate.

Power defines a character's base physical strength and affects physical damage inflicted on enemies during combat. Consider this to be your attack power.

Health defines a character's base hit points and hit point recovery or Natural Healing.

Agility defines a character's base ability to evade, dodge, parry or block enemy attacks. Players still take damage from blocked and parried attacks; however, the damage is reduced.

Accuracy defines a character's base ability to land an attack and chance to critically hit an opponent while in combat.

Knowledge affects spell damage and Magical Accuracy.

Will defines a character's basic mana points and mana point recovery or Natural Mana Treatment.

Offensive Attributes Edit

Offensive attributes affect a character's ability to inflict damage on an opponent.

Attribute 3

Attack is an attribute that modifies physical damage done by weapons and abilities. This is different from Power in that it's the actual weapon damage. Enhancing a sword for example will raise its base attack values.

Accuracy on the current equipped weapon will add onto the player's base accuracy. Some weapons are naturally more accurate than others, namely daggers and swords.

Crit Strike is your chance to critically hit an opponent with a weapon, increasing the amount of damage. Some weapons have a really high crit but generally lower damage - for example, maces hit harder than swords, but swords crit more.

Atk Speed affects the speed at which a character attacks with their equipped weapon. Higher attack speed will increase the damage per second (DPS) their character inflicts.

Attribute 2

Magic Boost affects the character's ability to inflict damage with magical attacks and spells. Higher Magic Boost increases spell damage.

Magic Acc affects a character's ability to hit targets with magical attacks and spells. Higher magical accuracy will ensure a spell lands on the target.

Crit Spell affects a character's ability to inflict critical damage with magical attacks and spells.

Cast Speed affects the speed at which a character casts spells. With a higher speed, spells take less time to cast, therefore increasing DPS. This attribute will not appear in your stats.

Healing Boost affects the healing ability of a character's healing spells, increasing the amount of healing.

Enmity Boost (not displayed in profile) affects the amount of Enmity a character generates with their attacks, spells, healing, and effects. This can be a (+) boost increasing enmity, or a (-) boost to decrease it.

Defensive Attributes Edit

There are attributes that generally decrease the damage taken, or increase the chance to completely avoid damage.

Attribute 4

Physical Def is a character's ability to mitigate melee and ranged physical damage. The higher this value the less damage taken when hit with physical attacks. Armor choice and its physical defense stat is important in Aion when it comes to PvP and PvE. Plate armor provides much more protection and physical defense than chain armor which in turn provides a great deal more than cloth armor.

Block is your character's ability to block and reduce damage from attacks. Blocking an attack requires that you have a shield equipped. Depending on the attributes of the shield, you will see various levels of damage reduction. Some shields are geared more toward Clerics and such with +MP or Concentration, and very little block/defense.

Parry is your character's ability to defend itself with weapons. When a parry is made your character will still take damage but it will be at a reduced percentage. Anyone can parry and even the Chanter class has very high parry that helps to activate certain skills.

Evasion is your character's ability to dodge attacks. Evading an attack is the only way your character can completely avoid damage from a physical attack other than a magic shield. However, spells and ranged attacks can sometimes miss you, but that is based on the character or NPC's Magical Accuracy rather than your Evasion.

Strike Resist is the ability to to resist being struck with a critical hit from a physical attack, resulting in normal damage instead.

Magic Resist is your ability to resist incoming spells. This attribute gives you the chance to avoid damage spells and debuff spells. This is also the only attribute that affects spells in this way. There are four different types of Magical Resistance. Fire, Wind, Water and Earth Resist lower the damage taken when struck by the corresponding elemental based spells.

Spell Resist affects a character's ability to resist being struck with a critical hit from a magical attack.

Spell Fortitude is the ability to decrease damage inflicted by critical hits from magical attacks.

Concentration (not displayed in profile) is your character's ability to avoid interruption while casting spells.

Movement Attributes Edit

Flight box

Movement attributes affect how quickly a character can run, or fly. There are a number of ways to temporarily increase speed and flight speed.

Speed is the rate at which your character moves throughout the world while running.

Flight Speed affects the speed at which a character moves while flying. This attribute is shown in stats during flight as the Speed stat.

Flight Time (not displayed in profile) affects the duration a player can sustain Flight or Gliding. Prior to the 2.7 patch, players could highlight their flight meter to see their maximum flight time. Players now see a box with their current flight time as well as flight controls. Hovering over a group member in the current party still shows their maximum flight time, but not your own.

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