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The Aturam Sky Fortress is a solo instances for players of level 55 and above. This instance has no pre-entry quests.


Located on an island floating in the skies above Sarpan, the Aturam Sky Fortress is a Dredgion maintenance and repair station in charge of organizing, rallying and supplying the troops. Tiamat's Balaur deploy these powerful air troops either to attack Daeva-owned fortresses, or to defend the Bulwark from the Elyos or Asmodian forces that are trying to infiltrate. The Reians, having decided that it is impossible to face off with Tiamat as things were, dispatched infiltration forces into the fortress to shut it down. But as their agents came out with the news that such a feat cannot be done alone, they now turn to the Elyos and Asmodians for aid. Inside, the player faces off against the Kaichin Engineering League, a band of Shulacks employed by Dragon Lord Ereshkigal, and their creations as well as Ashunatal Shadowslip, one of Tiamat's most trusted subordinates.

Players can obtain hero-grade armor, have a small chance at fabled accessories, and earn 22px Kahrun Symbols by taking out the final boss. After the initial/first run, players can opt to head straight to the final boss.


Both Elyos and Asmodians can enter by talking to Silion, who is in Garldar Village in Sarpan. When entering Aturam Sky Fortress for the first time, you can reach the last boss monster only after completing the quests given by the Hariken.

  • Recommended Level: 55-60
  • Reentry time is 22 hours
  • Solo Instance
  • Entry quest: None
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AION Cutscenes HD - Aturam Sky Fortress

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