Avenging Matilda
Race Asmodian
Type Standard quest Tango quest icon repeatable
Repeats 10
Number 4323
Given by <Contineo>
in Alsig Village
Level 32 (31)
Sharable Yes
Abandon Yes
In-game Link [quest: 4323]

Contineo wants you to slay Sprigg[sic] Fighters and Sprigg[sic] Looters around the Alsig Village to avenge Matilda.

Quest Information Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Get rid of Spriggs around the village.
<Spriggan Fighters> (0/22)
<Spriggan Looters> (0/9)

Basic Reward Edit

Optional Reward Edit

When completed ten times:

Walkthrough Edit

After getting the quest, go north of Alsig Village to find the Spriggs. Kill the required number of each, and return to Contineo for your reward.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"Matilda, beautiful Matilda, how can I carry on without you, my sweet?
Oh, [Player Name], I didn't see you there. Just ignore my ramblings.... I'm just reminiscing about when I was a farmer, and I couldn't protect those I loved.
Matilda...that marvelous snout, those adorable little hooves, the way you snorted after rolling in mud. I'll never meet another Porgus like you! Blast those villanous Spriggs who took you away!"
1 "You have issues."
"You never understand the bond we shared, [Player Name]. It was special...but now all I think about is getting vengeance on the Spriggs.
Those infernal creatures took Matilda away and did Azphel knows what to her! My blood boils whenever I think about it.... They could be capturing someone else's prized Porgus right now!
But no more--the terror ends now. There will be blood. Will you help me to put a stop to the Sprigg tyranny, [Player Name]?"

Accept Edit

"Venture to the north of Alsig Village, and you will find the Spriggan Fighters and Spriggan Looters. Show the foul creatures no mercy, [Player Name]. Kill them all.
I'm a soldier now, but a farmer does not become a soldier overnight. You can may those tyrannical Spriggs suffer more than I ever could."
X "Death to the Spriggs."

Decline Edit

"It doesn't matter, [Player Name]. The Spriggs will pay for their barbarism. I will make them pay for Matilda!
I've been a farmer for a long time, but one day I will have the power to defeat those monsters."
X "You need serious help."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"I joined the Watch to get away from all the things that reminded me of Matilda...but it's no use.I can't stop thinking about her.
What about the Spriggs, [Player Name]? Can Matilda finally rest in peace?"
1 "Sprigg blood flowed in rivers."
"Yes! Now no other farmer will have to suffer as I did. Matilda's spirit can now rest in peace, and perhaps I can as well...
We must ensure the Spriggs don't return. The savages are resilent. Here, take this, and my deepest thanks."

Summary Edit

Contineo said when he was a farmer he lost his prized Porgus, Matilda, to Spriggs. He demanded vengeance, and said to kill the Spriggs around Alsig Village.

You killed Sprigg Fighters and Sprigg Looters, and gave Contineo the peace of mind he desired.

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