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The outer halves of Atreia are known as Balaurea. They are heavily influenced by Drana and act as a home to both the Reians and the Balaur.

It contains:

  • Sarpan (Reian homeland)
  • Tiamaranta (Balaur influence, after Tiamat's death  Reian takeover)
  • Gelkmaros (Asmodian influence)
  • Inggison (Elyos influence)
  • Silentera Canyon (no ones land, undergoing Asmodian/Elyos fights)
  • Katalam (Divided into Northern Katalam and Southern Katalam)
  • Danaria (The homeland of the ancient Danuar race. Under the Shugo commerce union's influence)
  • Idian Depths (Danarian hideout land. Under the influence of the scattered Tiamat Army )

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