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The outer halves of Atreia are known as Balaurea. They are heavily influenced by Drana and act as a home to both the Reians and the Balaur. The regions of Balaurea serve as the main playground for characters of level 50 and above.

Composition Edit

  • Inggison (First Elyos foothold in Balaurea. Elyos/Balaur influence)
  • Gelkmaros (First Asmodian foothold in Balaurea. Asmodian/Balaur influence)
  • Silentera Canyon (Underground corridor connecting the above regions. Contested)
  • Sarpan (Reian homeland. Destroyed)
  • Tiamaranta (Balaur influence. Reian influence after Tiamat's death. Destroyed)
  • Tiamaranta's Eye (Balaur influence, Reian influence after Tiamat's death, Destroyed)
  • Katalam (Previous Danuar influence. Afterwards contested. Destroyed)
  • Danaria (Danuar homeland. Afterwards Shugo Commerce Union's influence and contested. Destroyed)
  • Idian Depths (Contested/Balaur influence, separated versions for Elyos and Asmodians)
  • Levinshor (Balaur influence; Tiamat’s seat of power prior to ascension as a Dragon Lord. Contested)
  • Kaldor (Former Danuar land. Contested)
  • Cygnea (Sunken in the ocean. Elyos influence)
  • Enshar (Sunken in the ocean. Asmodian influence)

Mechanics Edit

Maps in Balaurea follow completely different rules compared to Elysea/Asmodae:

  • Monsters become increasingly tougher (explained as there being a lack of Aether in Balaurea, which prevents Daevas from utilizing their full potential unlike in Elysea/Asmodae).
  • Instances become tougher (and timed in some cases) but also offer way better rewards. Groups will begin to set minimum gear/stat requirements.
  • Shared maps; greater emphasis on the game's PvP aspect.
  • Flight transportation has a reduced role. After Inggison/Gelkmaros, no more bind point teleports. Instead new transportation methods open up (direct teleportation, windstreams, rifts, geysers etc.)
  • Balaur have a more relevant role. Dragon Lords may be encountered and fought.

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