Beautiful Feather
Race Asmodian
Type Standard quest
Number 2392
Given by <Muorinerk>
in Alsig Village
Level 33
Sharable Yes
Abandon Yes
In-game Link [quest: 2392]

Muorinerk was worried that his position with the Traders might be weakened while he's on holiday. Bring the feathers of Viragos, Crestliches or Peckus for Muorinerk, who's looking for local things to sell.

Quest Information Edit

Objectives Edit

<Green Virago Feather> (0/1)
<Dark Red Crestlich Feather> (0/1)
<White Pecku Mane> (0/1)

Basic Reward Edit

  • Xp 449,600 XP
  • Unknown Unknown

Unknown Reward Edit

Green Virago Feather
Dark Red Crestlich Feather
White Pecku Mane

Walkthrough Edit

After getting the quest, you can choose which type of mob to kill to get the reward you want. Go east of Alsig Village to find all three types. Get the items needed and return to Muorinerk to collect your reward.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"Stop bothering me! Oh, Daeva doesn't want to buy? Muorinerk came here for rest, and everyone wants to trade.
Maybe Muorinerk should go home. My position in the Traders is falling while I rest here, nyerk!
Why come on holidays to this annoying place with nothing but Tripeeds and...Hmmm...birds."
1 "I thought Shugos could make Kinah anywhere."
"It's true, it's true! Muorinerk could sell rocks in a quarry! Akakakak! But right now Muorinerk is thinking of bird feathers...and Kinah!
Listen--If Daeva will bring Muorinerk the feathers of Green Virago Feathers, Dark Red Crestlich Feathers, or White Pecku Manes. I'll sell them elsewhere, and give clever Daeva a share of profit!
We have deal, yes?"

Accept Edit

"The Virago Looters have lovely, lovely green feathers, yes! The Imposing Crestlich has dark red feathers, and Arrogant Peckus have white, white manes.
Hurry, Daeva--there's Kinah to be made in this place."
X "I'll bring them back soon."

Decline Edit

"Go on then--I'll get someone else.
Good Kinah for a few feathers? Daevas will line up to help Muorinerk."
X "Best of luck, friend."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"What did Daeva bring Muorinerk?
Let me see!
Hmmm...which ones look best?"
1 "These Green Virago Feathers are prettiest."
"Yes! Beautiful, beautiful green color!
The ladies at Vanahal will go crazy for it! Akakak!
Thank you so much for hunting those Viragos to get these!
2 "The Dark Red Crestlich Feathers for certain."
"Ah, Dark Red Crestlich Feathers will look very nice on a hat.
Muorinerk will send samples to Traders."
3 "The White Pecku Manes are best."
"Oh, so so silky and luxurious, nyerk.
Very regal on a dress, yes! Muorinerk will see what seamstress Eiren thinks.
Thank you for bringing these!"

Failed Item Check Edit

"You've come back empty handed! What were you out there doing? Akakak!
I could have hired some other Daeva. This place is covered in Daevas!
X "I'll come back with more."

Summary Edit

Muorinerk was worried that his position with the Traders might be weakened while he's not trading.

You hunted birds near the village and brought the feathers to him so that he could continue to trade.

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