Heroic NPC Portrait
Icon emblem 5
Brass-Eye Grogget

Brass-Eye Grogget is the captain of the Steel Rake, usually found in the Steering House. He lost an arm in battle, and had a steel rake fitted in its place.

Location Edit

Boss Info Edit

Grogget is known for his collection of various Stigmas, intent on proving that Shulacks are better than Daevas.

Strategy Edit

  • The fight starts out with Grogget alone. He will move to the center and activate his Stigma amplifier.
  • Uses stoneskin often. Save your high damage attacks for when stoneskin wears off.
  • As the battle progresses he will run back to his organ and summon adds. You must quickly dispose of the adds. A good order would be Shaman > Melee > Healer.
  • The adds are 1 star mobs.
  • Each time he returns to his organ he will summon two waves.
  • Towards the end he will use Capture and pull in the entire party and follow up with a high damage AOE attack.

Unique Drops Edit

Skills Edit

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