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Classimage-chanter "Stay close, stay safe."

Class SummaryEdit

The Chanter is predominantly a support class and has access to a variety of buffs and single target heals. Their primary roles include buffing and rallying up a group, boosting their attributes and also aiding the Cleric with support healing if required.

For a better idea of what the Chanter can do, visit the List of Chanter skills.

Play StyleEdit

The Chanter is a unique support class. Chanters have many supportive abilities which include some of the best buffs in the game as well as having access to the best heal over time spell, Recovery Spell. In addition to this, the Chanter has a special buff system known as the mantra system. Mantras can be cast instantly at any time and stay in effect until the chanter decides to either cancel it, replace it with another mantra, or the chanter is incapacitated.

Up to three normal mantras can be used simultaneously at any time and as each mantra has a unique effect, there are many different combinations that can be used to support a party. A caster heavy party make up would benefit greatly from magic boosting mantras while a melee heavy one would benefit from the physical attack power and critical rate increasing mantras. Along with mantras, The Chanter also has a spammable offensive buff that boosts DPS in all aspects, and a spammable defensive buff that increases certain defensive traits. Unlike mantras, these buffs do not last long and have to be cast constantly.

All mantras affect all group members in the vicinity of the Chanter. While all these supportive skills may seem to firmly place the Chanter in a supportive role, Chanters are also a decent DPS class and have the skills, stigmas and weapons to aid them in this focus as well. While chanters are proficient with staves and maces, most Chanters usually choose to wield a staff as this increases both their magical and physical damage over a mace and shield combination. It is also important to note that all critical strikes dealt with a staff have a chance to knock down a target. This aspect, combined with the fact that the staff has a naturally high critical hit rate, as well as the fastest attack speed of the two-handed weapons, turns the Chanter into a very effective lockdown class. However, should a Chanter need to tank or should he come under fire, a Chanter can selectively wield a mace and shield combination to mitigate some damage while their powerful heal over time spells keep them alive.

PvE Edit

In solo play, Chanters are easily one of the most effective solo classes in Aion, being able to heal up when the health reaches critical levels. With the exception of some stigmas, the Chanter however, does not have very strong bursting skills unlike classes such as the Gladiator or Assassin, hence they will not be able to take down mobs as fast as the other classes. 

In group play, a Chanter's main role serves to support a group in both offense and defense. If a bad pull is made, or when the group is facing a very strong boss, the Chanter can also immediately activate strong defensive buffs and aid a Cleric with healing in their party. If the run is progressing smoothly, a Chanter can significantly increase the DPS of a group. As such, any party can easily be rounded out by having a Chanter in their ranks. Chanters are also decent disablers with their staves, knocking down or stunning enemies or monsters. One thing to note though is that Chanters do not have reliable damaging AoE skills. Having a chanter in a group maximizes its potential, by being able to enhance all attributes.

PvP Edit

In solo PvP, Chanters are very well rounded and do fairly well against most classes. Their decent physical defense helps to mitigate damage against physical DPS classes. Against Melee classes in particular, with their Celerity Mantra I and using running scrolls, they can easily kite the enemy. Against ranged classes, Chanters can attempt to close the distance gap fairly quickly by using one of the best ranged but somewhat unreliable stuns in the game, Soul Strike for Asmodian Chanters/Inescapable Judgement for Elyos Chanters . With its long 25m range and very short cooldown period (12 seconds), Soul Strike/Inescapable Judgement further augments the chanter's already remarkable lock down capabilities. Certain stigmas can also further increase the damage and lockdowns dealt by the Chanter. It should also be noted that Chanters are rather susceptible to Magic DPS classes such as Spiritmasters and Sorcerers due to their high bursts and CC abilities (Sleep, fear, silences).

In group PvP, Chanters often find themselves doing several roles, such as rallying and supporting the group offensively and defensively with various buffs and mantras, and/or aiding a Cleric in healing. With suitable stigmas equipped, they can also unleash an array of DPS and lockdown skills. Should a team member come under focused fire, a Chanter can immediately cast powerful healing over time spells and activate powerful defensive buffs (Word of Spellstopping I, Elemental Screen)  that can help in mitigating damage. If a target is pulled in by a Templar, a Chanter can decently hold the target in place with their powerful knockdowns and stuns while the group dispatches them. Having access to unique and powerful game-changing buffs such as Word of Wind I and Word of Quickness I, a Chanter can also turn the tide of a battle, bringing offense to a whole new level.

Ending Note Edit

In summary, the Chanter is an effective solo class and an asset to any party. One thing to note when playing a Chanter is that it is important to keep the mindset of both its supporting and healing roles. While a Chanter can be played as either a pure DPS class depending on stigma skills, or as a pure support and sub-healing class, an effective Chanter will keep both in mind while switching to the one that is most beneficial to the party.

Gear Edit


The mana stones which should be socketed into the items should be Crit Strike. A crit value of at least 800 is typically wanted to offset Strike Resist in PvP. For the newer instances in Aion 4.0/4.5, a Chanter with HP manastones socketed would be the most preferred. Other good manastones for DPS or soloing would be Magical Accuracy, or even Magic Resist or HP. For group PvP, good manastones for supporting a group would be Magic Resist and HP. 

As far as weapon choice goes, Staff should be used the majority of the time. However, a backup Mace and Shield can be used for additional defense.

Synopsis Edit

  • Excellent solo play capability
  • Good lockdown capability
  • Good support ability (Mantras, Buffs and Heals)
  • Can substitute or supplement various party roles

Video Edit

AION Introducing the Chanters00:40

AION Introducing the Chanters

A video demonstrating the Chanter in action.

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