Disambig icon For the Elyos quest, see Combat Preparation (Elyos).
Combat Preparation
Race Asmodian
Type Standard quest
Number 2383
Given by <Letum>
in Alsig Village
Level 31 (30)
Sharable Yes
Abandon Yes
In-game Link [quest: 2383]

Go to Grammati and Sarinerk and see if Watch Leader Letum's equipment is ready.

Quest Information Edit

Objectives Edit

Basic Reward Edit

Walkthrough Edit

After getting the quest, you will need to talk to Grammati who is also in Alsig Village. Report back to Letum, who will then send you to talk to Sarinerk, who can be found during the night after 9 pm near the Sky Temple of Arkanis.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"Injury after injury...
The woods are dangerous. Everyone in town knows it. They know how few people I can spare to patrol.
And yet they go out alone, get hurt, and they whine! Why'd I volunteer for this?"
1 "Sense of duty?"
"I'm sick of these attacks. I'm mobilizing my men to sweep the woods of predators.
We'll kill all these aggressive Worgs and Scolopens that stalk the villagers.
I'm busy laying out strategy and preparing our weapons for combat."
1 "Can I help?"
"I have all we need except potions and bandages. Grammati and Sarinerk are supplying them.
They owe my brother money, but he's agreed to take the goods instead, fortunately. Can't have casualties leaving us short-handed!
Want to help? Ask Grammati when we'll have the potions. I hate to pressure her, but time's running out."

Accept Edit

"Thank you. Ask when Grammati will have the potions, and how many.
Oh, and be subtle. She's nice, so don't lean on her too hard."
X "A pleasure!"

Decline Edit

"Really, Feathers? You'll just stand there? Watch me bust my mortal butt?
You asked to help, but you won't walk across town for me?
You blasted swans don't give a Sprigg's toenail about Human needs!"
X "..."

Intermediate Dialogue Edit

"You have a kind face, Daeva.
Looking for something? Just ask!
Nothing's too good for our soldiers!"
1 "Letum was wondering..."
"The potions? Ahhrrr! Oh, I'm sorry, dear, it's not you I'm mad at!
A favor, indeed...and for what? <Balom> threatened me! If I don't produce them, his volunteers won't shop here. And that's half the town. So I promised him the potions.
I know Letum needs them. They'll be done tomorrow. She needn't worry, I'll make plenty."
1 "Sorry, Grammati..."
"Have you been by the old lady, Grammati?
Did she say when the potions were coming? Or she just give you grief?"
1 "She was upset, but you'll get them."
Tomorrow morning? Sounds good. Now all I need are the bandages.
I'm hip-deep in planning. Daeva, go ask Sarinerk when they're coming. Actually, no. :Don't ask. Just TELL her to send them. Now.
Take this note. Sarinerk is up at the Sky Temple of Arkanis most nights. Check there.
1 "Uh...right."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"Need a finder?
Sarinerk can find anything.
For hard jobs, pay in advance."
1 "Aah, Letum sent me."
"Letum! Sarinerk wishes she could hide from her.
Humans don't climb, so I come up here. I didn't know she employed Daevas! Nyerk-nyerk.
Cruel Letum. Even though I am confined here by a curse, she makes her demands."

Summary Edit

Watch Leader Letum plans to clean out the Worgs and Scolopens around the village. She asked you to ensure that her medical supplies are ready.

You told Grammati and Sarinerk to deliver them quickly.

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