Conditioning is a way to add a temporary increase to attributes of weapons and armor. Depending on the item, there are levels of conditioning that can be added. Hovering the cursor over an item will show the item's tooltip. If an item can be conditioned, an energy bar is found below the Manastone sockets, with the levels available, and the effects that are gained.

Items that have been armsfused can still be conditioned, as the items do not lose the ability to be conditioned. The attributes will stack, and players get the benefits of all of the bonus effects.

  • Level of Conditioning – Shows both the current level and maximum possible level of Conditioning on an item.
  • Current State – Determines if an item is currently conditioned or not. (Grey = not; Green = active)
  • Conditioning Effects – Shows what additional attributes are gained by Conditioning an item.

Conditioning an Item Edit

There are two ways to condition an item. The least expensive way is to visit one of the Conditioning Officers in Atreia. The more expensive way is to purchase a Conditioning item from a General Goods Merchant and use it to condition the item at any time. The price of Conditioning an item is based on its level and level of Conditioning desired; higher levels of Conditioning cost more.

Conditioning Officers

Asmodian LocationNPCElyos LocationNPC
Primum LandingAmalienTeminon LandingAuminos
Marchutan Priory<Meiren>Kaisinel AcademyBarius

Deterioration of Conditioning Edit

A conditioned item that is used in combat will gradually decrease on the conditioning bar until it reaches 0 and the bar becomes grey. Using more skills, particularly DP skills, will cause the conditioning to wear off faster. However, the condition can be restored as above.

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