Crit Strike is the chance to critically hit an opponent with a weapon.

Some weapons have a really high crit but generally lower damage - for example, maces hit harder than swords, but swords crit more.

If a character has a high Crit Strike, their weapon will crit more often, resulting in a higher overall damage output. Assassins and Rangers tend to have the most crit - and usually try to hit the hard cap for the attribute of 500. Chanters, Gladiators and Templars also benefit from a high Crit Strike.

Crit Strike can be increased with consumables and with socketing Crit manastones.

Percentage to CritEdit

Below is a table showing the percentage change to critically strike an opponent based on the players Crit Strike value.

Crit Srtike Chance to Crit
300 30%
320 32%
340 34%
360 36%
380 38%
410 41%
420 42%
440 44%
460 46%
480 48%
500 50%
700 50%

0 to 500, 10 points = 1% increase
500+, 10 points = 0% increase

Strike Resist Edit

The 1.9 patch introduced Strike Resist. Strike Resist negates Crit Strike values. Attacking a player character with enchanted armor requires more Crit Strike to penetrate their Strike Resist.

External ReferencesEdit

Game Mechanics Compilation by Sumato's

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