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Danaria, also known as South Katalam, was the second of the new areas introduced in 4.0 and was the homeland of the ancient Danuar race. Monsters and quests on the map catered to players between level 63 and 65.

In 4.8, Danaria was destroyed and sank into the abyss ocean. The map is thus no longer accessible to players.

Lay of the LandEdit

The same frozen area found in the south of Katalam affected the northern sphere of Danaria, although the various mountain formations had prevented it from spreading further. The remainder of the map primarily consisted of grassland, featuring a large swamp, several forests, a basin and some plains. The deforested area in the vincinity of Pandarunerk's Delve served as the lone exception.

As with Katalam, Danaria was an unrestricted, open-world PvPvE map, featuring an additional 10 bases, 2 fortresses and various access points to the Idian Depths. The lack of neutral zones was compensated by the fact that the map was very large, greatly reducing the chances of running into members of the opposing faction in areas that were not in close vicinity to the bases. Asmodian influence spread in the form of a triangle from the Battlegroup Encampment - Tainted Lands down to parts of Tiamat's fall, as well as the area above the Battlegroup Outpost. Elyos influence was concentrated in the triangle that makes up the Idean Lake - Beritra's Bane Territory - Balaur Battlefield, as well as the area to above the Detachment Outpost.

Fortresses Edit

Siege Fortresses

Danaria had two fortresses located on opposite sides of the 'square' that made up the main contested area in the middle. Silona Fortress was located in an area where flight is enabled. Beyond the fortress entrance was the actual fortress, coming in the form of a cube floating in the air. Guards and cannons were scattered on floating islands, complicating efforts. It provided an access points to the Void Cube instance. Due to its secluded and fortified location (airborne, there was only one access point into Silona Basin for members of the opposing race), it made for a great zone to do quests in.

Pradeth Fortress, also known as the "plains" or "plain" fortress (pun intentional, since it is considered the most boring fortress in 4.0), was a castle-type fortress located in the far southeast corner of the map. It was protected by several walls, with a stairway leading up to the tower where instead of a captured princess a Guardian General awaited. It provided an access point to the Idgel Research Center instance. Since it was located far away from the main routes, it held little strategical value.


Group Instances


Danaria was the homeland of the ancient Danuar, but much of their history remains unknown. Even though the original residents are gone, their legacy is left behind in the form of ruins and other relics of times long past. Littered with ancient Danarian bases and fortresses, the land holds a prime opportunity for the Elyos and Asmodian war efforts. Each force is in constant warfare against each other, vying to become the Lords of the land. Things are greatly complicated by the presence of large concentrations of Beritra forces and outposts in various areas.

Never ones to miss a lucrative opportunity, Goldrine Limited, a conglomerate of the Shugo Commerce Union, exploited their neutral position to engage in many developmental projects in the area. The most notable feature was the presence of several railway tracks that players could hop on for a quick ride to areas without flight paths. Likewise, the Dragonbound, a group of eco-warriors known as The Merry and Green and the pirates of the Steel Rose also had mysterious interests in the land.

Upon the discovery of a functional Hyperion and its following destruction by the hands of the Daevas, Beritra began a large scale invasion on Balaurea. Daevas tried holding off these attacks, however the Sealing Stones holding the land of Danaria together were destroyed, causing massive explosions and the eventual sinking in the ocean.

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