Disambig iconThis article is about the quest Deformed Malek. For the quest item with the same name, see Deformed Malek (item).
Deformed Malek
Race Asmodian
Type Standard quest
Number 2545
Given by Luurinerk
in Kidorun's Campsite
Level 34 (33)
Sharable Yes
Abandon Yes
In-game Link [quest: 2545]

Kill the Crouching Caltropses and collect the Malek deposits they leave behind before delivering them to Horu.

Quest Information Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Kill the Crouching Caltropses and collect the Malek deposits they leave behind before delivering them to Horu.
Deformed Malek (0/11)

Basic Reward Edit

Walkthrough Edit

After getting the quest head towards Mahisha's Nest to find Crouching Caltrops. Collect 11 Deformed Malek and return to Luurinerk for your reward.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"Nyerk, Nyerk! Luurinerk has a plan! Clever plan!
Does Daeva know about Horu? Very clever Daeva, very interested in rocks and minerals and deposits and sediments...very clever! Exactly the kind of Daeva Luurinerk should meet.
Luurinerk would like to be noticed by him, Daeva. Would like to give him something he hasn't got, yes?"
1 "Well, you're giving me a headache."
"Shh Daeve! You understand the value of contacts, yes? Then don't be so ...rude!
Luurinerk has seen much of Beluslan, and seen things most haven't. Has seen something Horu would be very interested in--Crouching Caltrops, and their backs.
Spiky backs, yes? Spike backs infused with Malek! Very unusual! Very interesting, especially for Daeva like Horu, yes?"
1 "I see your point."
"Then go and get the deformed Malek shards and take them to Horu for me! He'll know Luurinerk for a clever Shugo, and maybe we';; come to help each other.
You will help, yes?"

Accept Edit

"There are Crouching Caltrops on the way to Mahisha's Nest, Daeva. Very tough, yes, but not a problem for a [Player Class] like you, no no.
Kill them, take their Deformed Malek, and give the shards to Horu, yes?
Remember though--Malek pieces are from Luurinerk, not from [Player Name]!"
X "Yes yes. I know."

Decline Edit

"yes yes, knew you'd say no. Wasted my breath, wasted my time...nyerk.
I'll find another help Daeva/ Nyerk nyerk...."
X "Stop feeling sorry for yourself."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"Have you seen the effect the Malek is having on the native species? It's incredible!
I've never seen anything like it, in fact...I've never HEARD of anything like it. Mineral deposits becoming infused into creatures, who are in turn strengthened by the Malek? Remarkable."
1 "These are from Luurinerk."
"What...what is this? These samples are unlike any that I've seen. They're... astonishing!
And who sent them? Luurinerk? I'll have to get in contact with the creature. He clearly has an eye for geological oddities.
Thank you for coming, [Player Name]. Please take this.

Summary Edit

Luurinerk wanted to be recognized by Horu, and so asked you to hunt Amethyst Caltrops and take the Deformed Malek shards to Horu.

You decided to help, and collected several Deformed Malek samples before taking them to Horu. He was very pleased with the samples, and told you he would get in touch with Luurinerk soon.

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