Drakenspire Depths map

Drakenspire Depths map

Drakenspire Depths, also known as Makarna, is an alliance instance for players of level 65 introduced in 4.8. It can be accessed from Wailing Dunes in Cygnea for Elyos and Shriekfang Crown in Enshar for Asmodians. This ancient prison is Beritra's destination while looking for Ereshkigal's power.

Backstory Edit

Rivalry between Fregion and Ereshkigal has an unknown origin. It could be speculated it began with disagreements on the future of the Balaur empire, or maybe just their polar opposite elements. Whichever the reason, it eventually led to an event of such proportions that even to this day is remembered by the sapien tribes of Enshar; a fierce battle between Fire and Ice. The older Dragon Lord won, and, as punishment, Ereshkigal was sealed inside a prison which even a Dragon Lord cannot escape from in the hottest depths of Balaurea. As a measure to conceal her location, Fregion commanded Tiamat to sink the two regions she owned (Cygnea and Enshar) and lock them under the sea.

Centuries passed until Ereshkigal's prison was located by Beritra. His thirst for power justified the means; allying with her servant Orissan and sinking several Balaurean regions. After an extensive search,

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  • This instance also serves as a setting for the final campaign quests in Cygnea (Tango quest icon Taking Arms [?]) and Enshar (Tango quest icon A Bloody Battle with Beritra [?]), where the player enters alone.
  • The Dragonblood set reduces the amount of damage players receive from the specific bosses in this instance.

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