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Enmity, also referred to as aggro, hate or threat, is a measure of an NPC's aggression towards a player. The character with the most enmity is usually the target of a monster's aggression.

Affecting Enmity Edit

Several abilities and effects can increase or decrease a character's threat level against a mob. Damage is the most basic form of threat generation, and healing also increases a player's enmity, but these are merely secondary effects of the spell.

Some skills are specifically used to affect Enmity, such as a taunt.

Templar Edit

Gladiator Edit

Spiritmaster Edit

Sorcerer Edit

Assassin Edit

Ranger Edit

Cleric Edit

Chanter Edit

  • None (?)

Items Edit

Hate-Listing Edit

Hate listing is an additional threat mechanic which currently little is known about.

Every single monster has a special list which contains the top 30-40 players that monster thinks is the biggest 'threat' to him based on previous encounters. If someone's on his list, it is more likely that the monster gets aggressive towards that specific player the next time he's around.

Beside the amount of aggro/threat players generated during previous encounters, every type of monster/boss has different things that would make them hate certain players more.

Some examples of things that could generate hate:

  • Specific type of armor
  • Specific type of class
  • Specific type of skills used against him (ranged, elemental, etc)
  • Level range

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