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Eradis is a Food Merchant of Tolbas Village in Verteron. He should be proud of his excellent cooking skill, but instead he's ashamed because his family expected him to ascend as a Daeva like his siblings.

Location Edit

Quests Edit

Starts quest
Ends quests

Goods Offered Edit

Broiled food <Broiled Elroco> 1010 400 Kinah icon
Fried food <Fried Tog> 2020 400 Kinah icon
Omelette <Kukuru Omelette> 2020 400 Kinah icon
Red mug <Mela Juice> 2020 400 Kinah icon
Salad <Mela Salad> 2020 400 Kinah icon
Soup <Potcrab Soup> 2020 400 Kinah icon
Carapace type 2 <Roast Starcrab> 2020 400 Kinah icon
Curry <Rubus Curry> 2020 400 Kinah icon
Apple <Savory Mela> 2020 400 Kinah icon
Carapace type 1 <Spicy Potcrab> 2020 400 Kinah icon
*Note: Prices are an approximate 100% value and may fluctuate based on your servers' Influence Ratio.

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