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Esera is a Mage instructor at the Nobelium of Akarios Village in Poeta. She is known to have been a prodigy at using the Aether of fire element.

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"A skilled Mage is a being at one with the Aether around them.
Respect the Aetheric energies around is and they will give you power, even if you aren't one of the ascended few.
If you would like to learn more, buy a Skill Manual from me."
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Goods Offered Edit

White Skillbook <Absorb Energy I> 099 800 Kinah icon
White Skillbook <Blaze I> 055 200 Kinah icon
White Passive Skillbook <Concentration I> 055 100 Kinah icon
White Skillbook <Erosion I> 055 200 Kinah icon
White Skillbook <Frozen Shock I> 077 400 Kinah icon
White Skillbook <Ice Chain I> 033 50 Kinah icon
White Skillbook <Stone Skin I> 077 400 Kinah icon

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