Essence Core
Only one can be carried
Soul Binding Available
Available for Level {{{level}}} or higher
Can be used by Level {{{levelb}}} or below
{{{race}}} Only
{{{craft}}} skill (?p)
Can be equipped in the Essence Core slot. Can be refined with Omega Enchantment Stones or Essence Core Solutions.

Essence Cores are crystals which can be equipped to gain additional Essence when equipped into their slot in the Essence tab in the Profile window. They can be refined up to level 10, with each level rewarding more Essence, which can be done by applying Omega Enchantment Stone <Omega Enchantment Stones> or Essence Core Solution <Essence Core Solutions>.

Acquisition Edit

Crafted from
Rewarded by

Uses Edit

  • Gain additional Essence when socketed

External Links Edit

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