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Evergale Canyon map

Evergale Canyon is a battleground for players of level 66 and above. Introduced in 5.5, it is by default an alliance instance for two teams of 24 players each. However, as more people join, more features will be enabled, such as more sources for points and additional supplies for PvP. The real maximum amount of players is two teams of 96 players.

Backstory Edit

Once a metropolis of Jotun, this ancient city was located within a gorge, blooming with life and beauty. This however was put to an end early as fragments of the Tower of Eternity fell from the sky, slaying the great majority of the citizens. Meanwhile, the few survivors were affected by the concentration of Aether, mutating their biology and corrupting their minds. It was not a different case for wildlife, as it grew more aggressive against intruders to their newly claimed home.

The pass of centuries led to the fragments becoming artifacts, of which Daevas had found a strong interest. Such ancient fragments might prove useful for research, looking a way to restore the Aetheric Field surrounding Elysea and Asmodae. This is where interests collide, leading to a battle between both teams to retrive artifact fragments at all costs. While Daevas will fight each other, the inhabitants of the valley will take a part on this as well.

Access Edit

The instance is only available at certain times of the day. During that window, players may join as many times as desired, with a 15 minute cooldown between entries. Leaving the instance before the match is over will result in a 1 hour cooldown for the following entry.

Once entry is available, Evergale Canyon's button will appear (two crossed banners), and pressing it will open the window showing all available groups forming for a run, as well as battlefields currently running and people queued up. Premade alliances can go up to 24 players. Once inside, more players will join. Alternatively, players may use "Quick Queue", putting them into an already running match.

Walkthrough Edit

As a team zones in, they will spawn at the Northern Base or the Southern Base, and likewise the opposing team will be assigned the other, giving them 2 minutes to prepare. A 30 minute countdown will start, marking the beginning of the run.

The instance will only end once one of the conditions is met. A winning and losing team will be declared based on points acquired at this point, and rewards will be distributed to all members.

Evergale - Core Fragments

Artifact Core Fragments

Points are mostly obtained from claiming <Artifact Core Fragment>. Every few seconds, a small quantity of points are rewarded to the faction's score. Points acquired are determined by the amount of <Artifact Core Fragment> held at a time.

Artifact Fragments owned 1 2 3 4 5
Points every 3s 5p 10p 20p 35p 50p

At the beginning, only three <Artifact Core Fragment> will be enabled; the one in the Temple of Origin, Wall Ruins and Collapsed Wall. However, as more people join, more fragments will be displayed. This source is crucial in order to win. Another way to acquire points is defeating the opposing team.

War Points are automatically awarded to players as time passes, 30 War Points every 20 seconds. These act as tokens to purchase supplies in the faction's starting base, such as potions which increase PvP defences and attack, Maximum HP and Recovery rate. There are different grades for each, giving stronger or lesser effects. Players may acquire the best tiers straight away or upgrade them progressively as more War Points are gained. Just like any items, these points will disappear once the run is over.

All players inside will passively receive the Artifact Fragment Energy buff, boosting their HP by 10,000. Whenever a boss is defeated, all members of the killing team will receive the Evergale Roar <Evergale Roar> buff, increasing PvP defences for 3 minutes. Upon death, they can only resurrect back at their base, on top of a platform, part of a neutral zone and with a shield buff which lasts a few seconds.

If a team wishes to go for the opposing team's captain, players will be required to have decent numbers and overpower the other team. In other to access the base, the alliance must attack the <Sacred Image of Ariel>/<Sacred Image of Azphel>, any of the two on the sides of the stairs. Much like any older towers, these will inflict heavy damage on an enemy player. If one or both are down, the team may step inside and begin attacking the base. The captain will reset if taken too far from its spawn point. This is the opposing faction's spawn point, and as such, unless they are grossly outnumbered, they will recover faster from death, making it harder for the invading alliances.

Movement around the battlefield is mostly by foot. However, certain methods make it easier, such as making use the <Teleport Statue (Evergale)>. Located at the team's main base, they will allow players to teleport to any of the teleport spots currently owned by the faction, marked with flags on the map (blue or green). In order to claim one, a player must head to that location and interact with the receiving teleport statue. Transport only requires 1 Kinah icon. This is especially crucial for extensive battles for the <Artifact Core Fragment> in the Temple of Origin.

There will additionally be a way connecting the Collapsed Wall and Wall Ruins. While they are separated by a pit, broken bridges are available which allow gliding as a shortcut. This is only available once the <Firmly Closed Door> on the opposite side is destroyed, acting as a save point, making it easier to reach the <Artifact Core Fragment> nearest to the opposing team's base.

<Corrupt Bagatur>, a special boss, will spawn 8 minutes after the battle has started in the Jotun Garden (east section of the map). Defeating it will grant a buff on all players of the same team, boosting their capabilities for a limited time as well as a generous amount of points and War points. The boss will respawn 8 minutes after being killed.

Above 37 Players Edit

Evergale - Kaisan

This is the enhancement to the instance when the amount of people per team goes beyond 37. All players will be prompted that bosses have appeared in a certain location. They include <Furtive Kaisan> in the Ancient Altar, <Mahot> in the Eon Anvil (north-east area of the map) and <Daglon> in the Eternal Anvil (south-east area).

Mostly easy to deal with, leaders tend to send a few people to it, prioritising keeping enough cover on the <Artifact Core Fragment>. Defeating these special bosses will reward points to the team's score, additional War Points and grant the Evergale Roar <Evergale Roar> buff. These will respawn after 3 minutes of being killed.

Additionally, Shugo merchants will begin to be spotted. These will sell bundles containing scrolls which induce altered states on enemies, as well as bundles rewarding scrolls which will open a portal to the faction's base. These scrolls will be removed from the player's inventory once the instance is done. These Market Shugos are mostly spotted in the middle of the map.

While <Furtive Kaisan> gives a static amount of points, <Mahot'sMahot> and <Daglon'sDaglon> rewards will scale up depending on the amount of <Artifact Core Fragment> owned by the team when killed. As a result, timing their death can prove to be very beneficial in tough matches.

Another enhancement to the instance is that the Caves will activate. All players will be prompted that "Alb is requesting help at investigating the caves".

More Shugo merchants will appear. These will be spotted around the Ancient Altar (west middle side of the map) and the entrances to the Northern Cave and the Southern Cave. They will sell the same goods as last ones, however they will also have a single Vinegar <Elb's Glass Bottle>, which will give the player Waterdrop <Dew of Life>. This item expires 1 minute after being taken out of the Glass Bottle, and can be used on the fairies inside the cave for additional points.

When used on the fairies inside the caves, they will reward 4 points. The player will only need to target the NPC and use the Waterdrop <Dew of Life> on rach fairy for additional points repeatedly before the item expires.

Both caves will also each have a <Artifact Core Fragment> inside them which can also be claimed by either team. As more artifact fragments will be enabled, more points can be acquired at a time from holding these as well as the default ones.

Quests Edit


Each run rewards a Artifact of Knowledge Core Fragment <Artifact of Knowledge Core Fragment>, regardless of winning or losing, as long as the team has reached 4,000 points. Players may turn them in through a quest from Benian (Elyos)/Otar (Asmodian) 4 times each day:

Rewards Edit

Once the instance is over, players will receive their appropriate rewards as winner and losing teams. Regardless of this result, if a team has managed to obtain 4,000 points during the battle, additional rewards will be given out to all their members.

Winning Team Edit

Losing Team Edit

Above 4,000p Edit

Battle Marks Edit

Once 80 Battle mark <Battle Marks> have been acquired, they may be redeemed for the Box type 8 <Evergale Canyon Reward Chest>, bought from Varis in Ariel's Sanctuary in Iluma and Ribek in Azphel's Sanctuary in Norsvold.

Once opened, it will give the owner an option to pick up the reward shown or Dissemble. The latter will offer the player additional chances to obtain different prizes by spending Kinah. It can be done up to three times, with the first one costing 4,998,000 Kinah icon, the second one 14,994,000 Kinah icon and third one 44,982,000 Kinah icon.

These chests offer a large variety of rewards, from powerful Archdaeva gear and manastones to consumables and crafting materials.

Type Reward
Gear Set
  • Arena Conqueror set
  • Frostforged set
  • Level 75 Abyss set
  • Level 70 Abyss set
  • Lunar/Thunder set
  • Kalis/Episte/Wise mythic set
  • All Archdaeva wings
  • Provenance Weapons
  • Alleph/Veth/Darlet/Gimel/Jain accessories
  • Idgel Dome Landmark accessories

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Trivia Edit

  • This is the first instance whose content varies depending on the amount of people inside.
  • Players have pointed out how similar this area is to Katalam and Danaria due to the lush forest areas and Jotun presence.