Fascinating Gift
Race Asmodian
Type Standard quest
Number 2922
Given by <Daskair>
in Prosperity Road
Level 22 (21)
Followed by Tango quest icon <A Rose Will Bloom> [29] or
Tango quest icon <Siel's Tears> [27]
Sharable No
Abandon Yes
In-game Link [quest: 2922]
Daskair map
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Daskair plans to give <Sadena> a present to show his love for her. Order the gift for him.

Quest Information Edit

Objectives Edit

Basic Reward Edit

  • Xp 3,000 XP

Walkthrough Edit

Talk with Daskair to receive quest. Choose between Siel's Tears Earrings and Rose Pattern Cube. Update with either Ondarinerk or Lanse depending on choice. The cube (Ondarinerk) is a better choice, if you are willing to wait, because you end up fighting those mobs as you go. The earrings (Lanse) choice is a more direct quest but it requires you to fight elites in Taran's Cavern.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"I get so tongue-tied just thinking about Sadena. How could I expect to sway her with words? No, a gift is what I need. But it must be the right gift. Remind me again what items Lidorasa recommended to you?"
1 "The cube or earrings."
"Right! The Rose Pattern Cube made by Ondanyerk or Seil's Tears specially made by Lanse. I don't get it myself, but if that's what the ladies of Vanahal value...well, I'm going to need some more Kinah.
Would you be able to place an order for me, [Player Name]? I have to spend all my time working."

Accept Edit

"That's one thing taken care of. I just need to decide between the Rose Pattern Cube and Seil's Earrings. Which do you think Sadena would prefer?
Adventuring isn't really something Sadena does. I don't see why she needs a new inventory cube. But then, do earrings named after Siel's heartbreak really give the right message?"
1 "The rose-patterned cube would be useful."
"You prefer the rose-patterned cube? I think you're right. I don't want to confess my love with a gift named after tears. Blubbering never got anyone anywhere.
Ondanyerk's[sic] prices are normally sky high, but love has no price! Unless you fall in love with someone from the Vanahal District...
If you go and order the inventory cube from Ondarinerk, I'll go and make some extra money. It'll take a while for the cube to be made, so I should have enough time."
X "I hope so."
2 "Siel's Tears Earrings sound special."
"Yes, I think you're right. Most of the girls I've ever dated were obsessed with jewelry, and all of the women in the Vanahal District seem to wear them.
But Lanse is a Handicrafting master... her earrings won't come cheap. I'd better stop wasting time talking, and go to earn some Kinah!
Please order the earrings from Lanse for me. I hope her work is as good as her prices suggest.
X "I'm sure it is."

Decline Edit

"I understand. I've already asked a lot of you. Someday...maybe...I'll get her out of my mind. I only have forever to try. I don't expect the people here in the Banquet Hall mind my misery too much.
Don't worry about me."
X "You'll be fine."

Reward Dialogue Edit

If you choose Rose Pattern Cube
"You don't want to expand your inventory cube? So why come? Ondanyerk has cubes and cubes alone. didn't want to order an inventory cube, did you? Akakakakakak! This cost much Kinah!"
1 "I'd like the rose-patterned cube."
"Oh. Oh...the rose-patterned cube?'re richer than you look. You're going to fancy dress party in Vanahal District? Your peasant costume is very funny! Akakakakak!
No have made a good decision with the rose-patterned cube, Daeva. Very pretty cube. Not many orders come in for them. The materials are so rare and the cost so high.
This is good! Ondanyerk has waited a long time for the chance to make this type of cube. This will be my best work ever!"
If you chose the earrings
"Ondanyerk told you! Only inventory cubes, not stupid dangly earrings!
Speak to Lanse if you want these Earrings of Siel's Tears. But an inventory cube is much better."
X "I see."
If you chose Siel's Earrings
"You realize my work has been offered to the Shedim Lords themselves. That my "shining examples of handicrafting," I think was how they put it...have been recognised{{sic}] as the best in all Pandaemonium.
Look at my hands, not a mark on them. That's the sign of a master Handicrafter.
Of course, most people can't afford what I create. So I spend time teaching others who only dream to be as good as I am. But I'm glad to help. What do you need?"
1 "An order for Siel's Tears Earrings."
"Ahhh. A proposal is it? Or someone's feeling particularly guilty about something. Unexpected gifts aren't always innocent, you know. Hah!
If it wasn't for guilty secrets, I'm not sure I'd sell my more expensive items. Thank Azphel for the sins of our people!
I will make sure your Kinah is well spent. It will take some time to prepare your order."
If you chose the quest for cube
"You should speak to Ondanyerk[sic] if you really want that rose-patterned cube. I'm sure he'll be most accommodating."
X "I will."

Summary Edit

Daskair decided to give Sadena a present to declare his love for her.

Daskair went to earn the money he needed to buy the gift that Lidorasa recommended, and you ordered the item for him.

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