Title <Angler>
Race Elyos
Affiliation Poeta inhabitant
Rating Normal
Rank Disciplined
Level 10
HP 1,392
Aggro range 20m
Normal NPC Portrait
Icon emblem inhabitant

Feira is an angler fishing at Cliona Lake in Poeta. She is the wife of <Uno> and is engrossed in fishing.

Locations Edit

Quests Edit

Starts quests

Dialogue Edit

See this fishing rod? Namus made it for me, he has amazing skills with wood.
I almost feel bad for fishing with it, it's really a piece of art.
But a tool like this must be used for its intended purpose."
1 "Do you spend all your time fishing?"
X "It is a nice rod."
"Not all of it, though it is my biggest passion in life.
Just yesterday, I caught the most beautiful fish, with delicate fins and scales that shimmered in the sunlight.
I found myself just staring at it, and in the end just let it back into the lake. To kill such a thing...I'd have felt so guilty."
1 "Why fish at all then?"
X "I should go."
"I fish for two reasons. There's the sense of achievement in catching a struggling fish, sometimes it takes hours to wear one down enough to reel it in.
I also like to record the various kinds that live in the lake. Most of the time I pull out fish I've seen before, but every now and then I come across something new.
<Ben> will never understand that...for him, fishing is just a job."
1 "Do you think so?"
X "Really, I should be going now."
"We share a love of fishing, but have entirely different perspectives on the creatures we catch.
For example, the fish I told you about before. I told Ben about it and he complained, called me a simpleton, and wouldn't stop telling me how much money I could have made selling it to a Daeva in Verteron.
I'm sorry, this must seem boring to you."
X "Not at all. I have to go, though."

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