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Fermina is a Daeva of Song in the Sky Canal of Sanctum. She lives for the joy of singing to Daevas she's never met before.

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Dialogue Edit

I'm always inspired to sing when I'm surrounded by the loveliest creatures in all of creation-- us! I must say you're particularly attractive today, [Player Name].
Did you like the song I was singing?"
1 "What was it about?"
X "Please sing it again."
"It's the ballad of a Daeva named Ekoboros. As a Human he saw Lady Ariel and fell hopelessly in love with her. the depth of his emotion caused him to ascend, but even as a Daeva his love was quite hopeless.
He has spent centuries fighting with incomparable valor, hoping to win the heart of the Lady of Light, so far in vain.
It's one of my favorite songs."
X "It sounds wonderful."

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