Flame Bolt IV
Flame Bolt IV
Tango mana 130...154
Tango activation 2s
Tango cooldown 1s
Class Sorcerer
Level 34
Type Offensive
Target Foe
Range 25m
Flame Bolt IV
lvl 1 - 9
Inflicts 538...634 magical fire damage on a target within 25m of you.
Chain Skill Level 1.
Selected Target
Cast Time
Usage Cost
MP 130...154
Trigger Rate

Skill Level 123456789
Fire Damage 538 550 562 574 586 598 610 622 634
Mana Cost 130 133 136 139 142 145 148 151 154

Flame Bolt IV inflicts 538...634 magical fire damage on a target within 25 meters of you.

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