Disambig icon For the Asmodian work order, see Folding Cot Supplies (Asmodian).
Folding Cot Supplies
Race Elyos
Type Work Order Tango quest icon repeatable
Craft Armorsmithing (40p)
Repeats Until 80p level
Number 5104
Given by <Vulcanus>
in Artisans Hall
Level 9
Sharable No
Abandon Yes
In-game Link [quest: 5104]
Armorsmithing Work Orders
Previous Tango quest icon <Storage Drum Supplies> [9]
Next Tango quest icon <Personal Locker Supplies> [9]

Quest Information Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Craft the requested goods and take them to Vulcanus.
Folding Cot (Elyos) (0/6)

Supplied GoodsEdit

Requested GoodsEdit

Basic Reward Edit

  • Unknown Unknown

Unknown Reward Edit

One of the following random rewards:

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Design Edit

Folding Cot (Elyos) 40p 22px Issued Large Steel Board (Elyos 40p)
Mold <Steel Mold> ( (2)
Steel Wire <Steel Welding Rod>

Summary Edit

At the request of Vulcanus, you made 6 Folding Cots.

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