Gate Restoration Stone Repair
Race Asmodian
Type Work Order Tango quest icon repeatable
Craft Alchemy (320p)
Repeats Until 360p level
Number 6432
Given by <Honir>
in Temple of Artisans
Level 9
Sharable No
Abandon Yes
In-game Link [quest: 6432]
Alchemy Work Orders
Previous Tango quest icon <Mau Language Potion Supplies> [9]
Next Tango quest icon <Rift Suppressant Supplies> [9]

Quest Information Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Craft the requested items and take them to Honir.
Repaired Gate Restoration Stone (0/15)

Supplied GoodsEdit

Requested GoodsEdit

Basic Reward Edit

  • Unknown Unknown

Unknown Reward Edit

One of the following random rewards:

Reward research is ongoing and can be found here.

Craft Edit

Craft: Repaired Gate Restoration Stone 320p Issued Inoperative Gate Restoration Stone (1)
<Reaction Activator> (4)
<Abyss Dust> (3)
<Larail Tears> (2)

Summary Edit

At the request of Honir, you made 15 Repaired Gate Restoration Stones.

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