Offensive chain ability used by both clerics and chanters.

Tiers Edit

Hallowed Strike I <Hallowed Strike I> 3 Auto learn
Hallowed Strike II <Hallowed Strike II> 19 22px Hallowed Strike II (skillbook)
Hallowed Strike III <Hallowed Strike III> 31 22px Hallowed Strike III (skillbook)
Hallowed Strike IV <Hallowed Strike IV> 41 22px Hallowed Strike IV (skillbook)
Hallowed Strike V <Hallowed Strike V> 53 22px Hallowed Strike V (skillbook)
*Note: The effect of the skill will be different from these base values, depending on the skill level and player's weapon attack.


Hallowed StrikeHeaven's JudgementDivine TouchSonic SwingSonic RushSonic AssaultHallowedstrikechain

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