Map of Heiron

Heiron forms the southeastern side of the continent of Elysea. Originally a questing area for Elyos characters between levels 32-45, content on the map was adjusted to cater to players between level 11 and 40 as of the 6.0 update. It takes over the role of Verteron and Eltnen.

Players can fly within New Heiron Gate and the Storm Circle due to the high concentrations of Aether there. Major towns in Heiron include Arbolu's Haven and Jeiaparan Village, although there are a number of smaller outposts and towns as well.

In the 6.0 update the major outposts on this map and some other areas received a graphical overhaul, raising their appearance up to modern day standards.

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Heiron is a strange, beautiful, and yet frightening land. Lepharists and all matters of vicious wildlife lurk in the dense jungles to the West, while all that remains of the once lush and populated plantations in the East is a deserted wasteland teeming with undead. It appears to have originally been a breadbasket for Elysea, as evidenced by the plantation ruins and few surviving agricultural areas. During a terrible Krall invasion at some time in the past however about half of Heiron was burned and destroyed. The souls of the slain civilians curse the Daevas who did not come to their rescue that day, while the Krall continue to occupy much of the southeastern area of Heiron. To further complicate things, the Balaur Indratu Legion has recently invaded and found a way to stay in Heiron despite the absence of Drana in the region.

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  • Originally players would be able to travel to Beluslan via rifts that would periodically appear on the map. As of the 6.0 update rifts would no longer appear in Heiron, possibly due to the efforts that were undertaken to stabilize the Tower of Eternity throughout much of the 5.x update.