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With the 3.0 patch to Aion, players can own housing in one of the residential areas of Oriel and Pernon, or in Beluslan, Gelkmaros for Asmodians or Heiron and Inggison for Elyos.

Getting to Your Housing Edit

A new skill, 22px Homeward Bound, allows players to return to their house. The skillbook for this skill is obtained as a reward for the new level 21 Studio acquisition quest.

Types Edit

There are five levels of housing: Studio, House, Estate, Mansion, and Palace.

LocationHousing TypePalaceEstateMansionHouse

Acquisition Edit

Free Studios are available to all characters starting at level 21, by doing a series of quests. Starting quests are available from Hariton (the Pernon Teleporter) for Asmodians and <> (the Oriel Teleporter) for Elyos. Ending quests are Tango quest icon Be It Ever So Humble [?] Asmodian Logo small Asmodian and Tango quest icon And A Home for Every Daeva [?] Elyos Logo small Elyos. The resale price for a studio is 4,000,000 Kinah.

Palaces, Estates, Mansions, and Houses are available via auction. Each house type in each region has a minimum level requirement for players to bid in the auction. Characters who do not meet the requirements cannot participate in the auction.

Housing TypeStarting BidMaintenance FeeMin. Level to Bid
House 12,000,000 400,000 21
Mansion 112,000,000 2,000,000 30
Estate 335,000,000 4,000,000 40
Palace 1,000,000,000 20,000,000 50

Auction Edit

Houses can be listed for auction from 00:00 Monday to 24:00 Friday through the Real Estate Auctioneer, Butler, or a signpost. Signs will indicate whether or not a house is for sale. Bidding takes place from 12:00am Monday to 12:00pm Sunday. When the auction closes on Sunday at noon (12:00) auction, if a bid is placed when there are 5 minutes or less remaining, the auction will be extended, up to a maximum of 30 minutes.

At the end of the auction, the character with the highest bid will receive the house. A character cannot bid on more than 2 houses at the same time, and may only use one house at a time. If a house is owned when winning a new house from the auction, a 2-week grace period begins, during which time the new house cannot be used. If the character sells the existing house to another character the new house may immediately be used.

At the end of two weeks, if the existing house is not sold, ownership of that house is revoked, and the house is automatically listed for auction again. Some of the old house's cost will be refunded, and the new house may now be used. If a character sells all of his/her houses at auction and no longer owns any housing, they can receive a Studio from the Studio NPC again - either Sarrik (Asmodian) or Parrine (Elyos).

Maintenance Fees Edit

Houses are subject to a weekly maintenance fee. If the maintenance fee is not paid, 1st and 2nd warnings are given. If the house maintenance fee is not paid over 2 weeks, ownership is revoked and the house is listed for auction. 90% of the house's cost is refunded to the owner.

Decorating Edit

Exterior House
Interior House

The interior and exterior of homes can be changed using the Decorate function Click the house-shaped button located at the bottom right upon entering the house to enter Decorate mode. Outside, you can decorate the roof, walls, frame (lumber frame), door, yard, fence, or place exterior items. Inside the house, you can decorate the wall and floor, or place interior items.

Number of items allowed
Interior 70 50 40 30 20
Exterior 20 14 10 7 0
Blooms 7 6 5 4 3
Decorating Items

Interior and exterior items can be purchased from the Residential Facility Merchant, House Manager, Furniture Merchant, and other NPCs in the villages. Special decorative items can be acquired through crafting, collection, quests, merchants, and drops. You can acquire wallpaper, Guestblooms, etc. from the Vintage Grab either in Prosperity's Light village in Oriel, or in Glory's Light village in Pernon.

Merchant TypeMerchandise Type
Housing Materials MerchantRoof, Exterior Wall, Frame, Fence, Interior Wallpapers, Interior Flooring
Furniture MerchantFurniture, Garden Ornaments, Special Ornaments
Staffing AgentContracts for General Goods Merchant, Warehouse Manager, Butler
Hearthbloom and Guestbloom MerchantBlessing Hearthbloom, Friendship Guestbloom
Guestpetal ExchangerFriendship Guestbloom
Storage Item for House

Storage furniture.

Players can also acquire interior items from:

  • Traveling Shugo merchants that appear in 8 places throughout Oriel and Pernon at certain times of day.
  • Quests.
  • Monsters appearing in four places in Oriel and Pernon at certain times of day.
  • Bosses in certain instances.
Special functions
  • Place Hearthblooms and Guestblooms inside your house, and tend them with fertilizer given by your butler. Hearthbloom and Guestbloom give out various items and perform different functions.
  • Installing storage furniture inside the house allows you extra storage space in addition to your personal warehouse.

Staff Edit

  • Employ staff to gain access to certain stores and warehouses from inside your house.
  • Set access permissions and signpost content through the signpost or the butler.
  • Expel visitors from the house by talking to the butler.
  • Use the Relationship Crystal in your house to move to your friend's house.
  • Check friends house access and addresses in the Relationship Crystal menu.

Buffs Edit

Depending on the quality of house owned, players can obtain a buff, which is displayed along with other buffs.

Reward NameEffects
Deed to StudioYou have received a Deed to Studio. Energy of Repose recovers 5% quicker when you log out from your Studio.
Deed to HouseYou have received a Deed to House. Energy of Repose recovers 10% quicker when you log out from your House.
Deed to MansionYou have received a Deed to Mansion. You don't suffer from aftereffects following resurrection, and Energy of Repose recovers 10% quicker when you log out from your Mansion.
Deed to EstateYou have received a Deed to Estate. You don't suffer from aftereffects following resurrection, the chance of craft combos increases by 5%, and Energy of Repose recovers 10% quicker when you log out from your Estate.
Deed to PalaceYou have received a Deed to Palace. You don't suffer from aftereffects following resurrection, the chance of craft combos and item drops increases by 5%, and Energy of Repose recovers 10% quicker when you log out from your Palace.

Housing Scripts Edit

Housing Scripts are mini programs that can be created in your house to get certain fun effects. Talk to the butler and select Edit Script from the menu to open the Script Window. Click "+" at the top of the Script dialog to open up a list of sample scripts that you can add. You can freely edit the Scripts to get them to have different effects.

Script NameDescription
GreetingThe butler says a simple greeting to approaching characters.
Play SongThe butler sounds out a melody.
SFX SongThe butler sounds out a melody using Aion sound effects.
LaughingWhen you type "lol" inside the house, the butler will start laughing.
DanceWhen a player starts dancing in the house, the butler will start singing
Move CubeWhen you type "Move" inside the house, selected items of certain types will move.
FlashlightSelected objects will glow.
Jump ItemsWhen you type "Jump" inside the house, selected items of certain types will jump.
LookingWhen you type "butler" inside the house, the butler will look at the player
Simonerk SaysA game where the player must raise the flag/flags indicated by the butler.
Party TimeWhen you do the "Victory" motion or type "Start", the butler will clap and selected objects will glow and make sounds.
DiscoWhen you type "Light" inside the house, selected times will glow with the music.
Flag DanceWhen you type "Flag" inside the house, the butler will raise the blue flag or the white flag with the music.
Box DancePlays a melody and moves selected objects of certain types.
Table JumpA piece of furniture lights up; jump on it within the time limit.

The <Greeting> script has a feature to allow users to define variables more easily.

Housing Script

Use the arrow to expand the Edit Script window and click the blue link text to get a pop-up allowing you to input text, or choose from a drop-down, to define a particular variable throughout that script.

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