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The Idian Depths, or Katalam Underground, was the third new area introduced in the 4.0 patch and served as the game's main PvPvE zone up until the 4.7 patch. Access to the map was (and still is) fully restricted to players of level 65 and above.

At the start of 4.0 all of the entrances towards the (at the time) endgame instances were located in this area. Throughout later patches these entrances were gradually relocated to other maps, greatly diminishing the role of and activity on this map.

In the 4.8 patch this area was recycled into a (bonus) PvE farming area for level 65+ characters. Shortly after however the valuable drops from this region were secretly removed from the loot tables, supposedly to combat gold bots which had found their way into the region. The area now lies abandoned.

History Edit

The Idian Depths are considered a great place to extract Ide thanks to bountiful Idium mines within. Originally, this place was intended to be an emergency shelter for the Danuar in preparation for the event where Tiamat's forces would gain complete control over Katalam and Danaria during the invasion. The few Danuar who had survived the onslaught evacuated here but fell due to a destructive malfunction in one of their weapons, leaving the place unattended.

Tiamat eventually made her way to the Idian Depths and discovered the ancient weapons left behind by the Danuar, prompting her to research how to use and replicate them. Her aspirations fell short when Beritra betrayed her to gain control of this secret research and left her to die in Tiamaranta. After Tiamat's death, the remnants of her armies who were scattered across Katalam came down to Idian Depths to avoid the attacks from the Daevas and Beritra's forces. From here, they divided into two opposing factions: those who dreamt of a glorious comeback and those who made a pledge of loyalty to Beritra.

Fearing a collapse of the structure, Daevas in the region fled out to seek protection from Beritra's invasion, only leaving Shugos behind. As the disaster's chaos settled down, Daevas discovered the Idian Depths mostly intact. They created secret portals in the remaining regions to access it at will. Although mostly the same, the only presence from their opposing faction were the leftover banners on the walls.

Access Edit

  • Via access portals found in various locations across Katalam and Danaria (Pre-4.8).
  • Via the Shugo Teleporter in Danaria (Pre-4.8).
  • Via Idian Depth Corridors that rarely appear at set locations in Levinshor, Kaldor, Cygnea and Enshar (Post-4.8). Their spawn locations can be found here (look for the red rift icon on said maps).

Lay of the Land Edit

Pre-Upheaval (4-0-4.7) Edit

Once the last stand of the Danuar, this underground cavern system is littered with ruins and other relics haunted by the ghosts of the ancient race. The remnants of Tiamat's forces have taken up residence in some of the areas, while Beritra's legions have arrived here in their search of <Hyperion>. Meanwhile, the Elyos Guardian Detachment, Asmodian Archon Battlegroup and Shugo Commerce Union have also ventured into the Idian Depths in search of new opportunities, profits, knowledge and anything else that could allow them to gain the upper hand.

Segarunerk's Bazaar served as the neutral ground and base of operations for both races. The town was split into two halves, with the Asmodian NPCs & Elyos obelisk being located in the left half and the Elyos NPCs & Asmodian obelisk in the right half. Shugos offering ranging services were found in both halves, but most would only accept Ancient Coin <Ancient Coin>s as a currency. Players would need to cross between the two halves frequently, so it used to be advised to stay in proximity of the sole Company Guard patrolling the connecting corridor (contested area) in order to prevent being "picked off".

Idian Depths was the main PvPvE area of 4.0 and a great place to both farm for kinah and PvP. There used to be daily quests for Ancient Coin <Ancient Coin>s and Manastone Bundles, and the monsters could drop anything ranging from ancient manastones to the materials needed to craft Ceramium Medal <Ceramium Medal>s, along with other valuable loot. There were several legendary and ultimate grade boss monsters that could be hunted in groups or alliances for rare gear or exclusive skins, and a Shugo NPC that could randomly spawn at one out of four possible locations where you could trade in any AP or BM gear pieces in return for AP, at the best possible rate in the game.

Post-Upheaval (4.8+) Edit

As of 4.8, this area was transformed into a farming area for players to slay monsters for drops. All special merchants, like the Ancient Coin traders and faction-specific NPCs were moved to other areas, leaving only basic NPCs such as the Soul Healers, General Goods Merchants, Trade Brokers and Warehouse NPCs behind. Named bosses were also removed from the map, leaving behind only generic monsters for players to kill. Unlike its predecessor, each faction uses its own 'copy' of this map after 4.8, meaning there is no way to meet the enemy faction inside.

Drops in this area may vary from Ancient Coin <Ancient Coin>s to common ancient manastones, but are largely junk.

A Glittering Shell

The most desired item was the Blue scale <Glittering Shell>, a special item that had a small chance to drop from any monster on the map and could be sold to a vendor for 100 million kinah. This item was secretly removed from drop tables in both regions in a later patch, supposedly to combat gold sellers and bots which had begun to overrun the region.


Currently not accessible from here, the entrances to these dungeons have been moved to other areas throughout later patches

(Previous) Group Instance Access Points

Trivia Edit

  • The 4.0 login page's background is based on The Grand Passage, the giant corridor passing through Idian Depths' middle.

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