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Iluma's location in the world

Iluma (KR/EU: Esterra) is a large island located in the northeast of Elysea. This land houses one of the two remaining bases of the destroyed Tower of Eternity, the Tower of Light. It is the main leveling area for Elyos players between levels 66 to 75, although monster levels extend up to 78.

Players need to have completed the Archdaeva Ascension to be able to enter Iluma.

Accessing Iluma Edit

  • Via the Teleporter in Sanctum (Elyos)
  • Via rifts that may randomly appear in Norsvold (Asmodians)

Lay of the Land Edit


The map of Iluma (Click to enlarge)

Iluma is large map which primarily distinguishes itself through its incredibly dense forestry, with the area deforested by the Tarhan Krall serving as the lone exception. Numerous small mystical ponds and lakes are dotted across this map, where hillsides and other natural barriers are more rule than exception. The local wildlife has been allowed to flourish practically unchecked for centuries; add up the narrow roads, and the aspiring adventurer will find Iluma a visually appealing yet challenging map to explore.

The main player hub is Ariel's Sanctuary, located near the center of the map. The direct vicinity contains monsters between levels 66-68, as well as the entrances to the basic instances. The rest of the map (the whole 'outer ring') can be divided up into various 'districts', with each district containing monsters of specific level ranges. While the lower level areas are fairly easy to navigate, players will find that traversing the more remote areas becomes increasingly difficult.

Leveling Edit

Different from preceding maps is that leveling in Iluma is based on grinding instead of quests. Starting at level 66, players can take hourly, daily, and weekly repeatable quests for the various areas on the map and complete these until they are (eventually) level 75. Due to the low experience these quests offer however many players have opted for alternative and more efficient methods to level up: examples include doing the Fissure of Oblivion, clearing the Upper Abyss Barracks or group instances inside the Tower of Eternity solo or duo, or grinding monsters in one of the map's elite area with a group.

Transportation Edit

A flight transport line is available from the Ariel's Sanctuary to reach the four smaller outposts located in the north/east/south/west. Once there players will need to walk or take a windstream to reach the desired location.

PvP Edit

PvP is available anywhere within Iluma 24/7. There are no neutral zones (Katalam) or gates (Cygnea), offering little protection against incursions from the opposing race. The five major outposts and instance entrances have garrisons or guards protecting them, and a few stray (concealed) guards might be found throughout the map as well.

Asmodian players can enter Iluma via a number of rifts that may randomly appear in Norsvold every hour. The max capacity of these rifts, as well as the duration during which they will be active, varies.

Crafting Edit

All monsters in Iluma have a chance to drop Archdaeva-related items, ranging from crafting/morphing materials to manastones and even eternal or mythic-grade gear at higher level, though the drop rate for gear was severely nerfed in later patches. Additional gear and higher grade manastones may be acquired from the local instances.

Iluma also has with an unique skin set which can be crafted by combining the tokens obtained from doing [Spy] quests in Norsvold with the recipes sold by the Shugo merchants at the four excavation sites.

Dynamic Content Edit

  • Transportation: Windstreams and free-flight zones are available for different areas of the map based on the time of the (in-game) day.
  • Boss Monsters: Iluma has a number of Primordial boss monsters that can be slain with a group for quests related to experience. Special bosses may also appear in specific areas during either daytime or nighttime, will award basic Archdaeva gear and experience if the relevant quests are completed.
  • Portals: The appearances of rifts and access points to the Tower of Eternity are largely randomized. Portals to the Tower of Eternity may appear in the main base or any of the four excavation sites located around it.
  • New phenomena such as geysers and aethershrouds may randomly appear in the landscape and provide buffs to your character if interacted with. The effects range from decreased casting times to brief invisibility.

    An aethershroud

Instances Edit

Solo Instances Edit

Group Instances Edit

History Edit

"The hallowed grounds around the twin bases of the Tower of Eternity have awakened from their long slumber. Beasts not seen for a thousand years once again stir, and life in the days of the Cataclysm resumes.

For the Elyos, Iluma represents the holiest of holy grounds, defiled by the Asmodians' barbaric paranoia and insistence on bloodshed. And yet, there is wonder yet to be found here, and ancient secrets long forgotten - for within the Tower of Eternity itself, at the heart of all knowledge, exists a truth that will reshape Aion's grand creation forever."

-Official description from the Echoes of Eternity minisite.

Trivia Edit

  • It is one of the few areas in the game (besides Oriel/Pernon and Norsvold) where the environment (and content) is affected by weather and season changes, as well as the time of the day.

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