Inggison is the left side of Balaurea which the Elyos discovered after the Balaur were said to have fled Elysea. The lands of Balaurea only has a few areas with enough Aether field to let Daevas fly. Fortunately the Daevas found Windstreams that helps them travel faster. The map caters to players between level 50 and 55, although higher level players of the opposing faction may be found here just as often. The western area of the map is PvE, the middle and eastern regions are PvPvE.

With the 6.0 update content on this map was adjusted to cater to players between level 41-55.

History of Inggison Edit

Seraphim Lord Kaisinel was instructed to create a Fortress for the Elyos to prosper. Kaisinel's legion, Wisplight, started to build the Harmonic Inggison Fortress. Kaisinel wanted to expand their knowledge and he found another gateway through the vast mountains of Balaurea. Bravely, the Wisplight legion carried on exploring through to Silentera Canyon. Without warning a group of Balaur assaulted the legion striking down half of their numbers. Struggling to fight back, the Elyos withdrew and reported back to Sanctum.

The Seraphim Lords took drastic action, for they were about to face their ancient enemy once again. Rumors broke out in Elysea with stories about the ancient beings coming back from the Void. Sanctum sent legion detachments to Balaurea to aid in the fight. They knew that there was no peace with the Balaur for they retaliate with hatred and are merciless towards everything that stood on their way. With a massive blow, the Balaur legion that tried to take Inggison Fortress was sent running back to Silentera Canyon.

This gave the Elyos the opportunity to explore more, with caution. The Elyos struggled to walk through Silentera Canyon for it was very dangerous even for a Legion of Wisplights. Finally they found their way to a new pathway that led them to another area of Balaurea. As they wandered and examined their surroundings, the Wisplights found a battle raging. The Brigade Generals Yulia, Outremus and Versetti charged in without hesitation, aiding the fighters attacking the Balaur. Suddenly, one by one, the Elyos legion stood still. They realized the opposing race that were battling the Balaur was none other than the corrupted ones, the Asmodians.

The Brigaders withdrew the legion back to Silentera Canyon to decide if they were going to assault full force, or remain hidden from the Asmodians. The Elyos withdrew back to Ingisson because the Brigaders didn't want more bloodshed. Thus, Inggison was owned by the Elyos, Silentera was occupied by the Balaur whether recently or originally and Gelkamaros was taken by the Asmodians.

Fortresses Edit


Veille, Kaisinel's Agent, stands vigilant to ward off Asmodian attackers.

Siege Fortresses

These fortresses were owned by the Balaur before the Elyos and Asmodians invaded Balaurea. Control of these fortresses are in a constant state of flux as the Balaur, the Elyos and the Asmodians battle for possession. Kaisinel's Agent Veille is summoned to protect Inggison in the event that both the Altar of Avarice and Temple of Scales are taken over by the Asmodians. She will spawn in the Illusion Outpost to help defend against the onslaught of Asmodians and prevent them from completely taking over Inggison. Veille will stay for 2 hours and attempt to shift the tide of the battle for the Elyos and then leave. If the Asmodians are able to defeat Veille, they will receive a Mastarius's Favor for their triumph.

Instances Edit

Solo Instances

Group Instances


  • One of the quests found in the Inggison Illusion Fortress comes with a cutscene which explains that several aether-infused obelisks "maintain the illusion around us". It is possible that Inggison is a devastated wasteland in its entirety, but that Kaisinel created an illusion to mask this. This would explain why the western area of Inggison, where the obelisks are found, is significantly more green and appealing than the barren mid and eastern region, where they remain absent.