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Iron Coin
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A coin awarded by Pandaemonium.

Iron Coins are coins awarded by Pandaemonium. These coins can be turned in to NPCs for Superior (Green) armor and weapons.

Prior to the 2.0 patch, these coins could only be turned in via quests that awarded players with random items. Players complained about receiving items their characters could not use and NCsoft changed those quest givers to merchants that accepted Iron Coins for their former quest rewards. These coins are used to purchase Rank 9 Asmodian items. Armor ranges from 4 to 8 Iron Coins and weapons sell for 12 Iron Coins.

These coins can be turned in to <Lateni> and <Lohaban> at Heart of Impetusium.

Acquisition Edit

Rewarded from
Quest Level Given by Area
Tango quest icon [Coin] Mutated Spirits 18 (16) <Lateni> Heart of Impetusium (Altgard)
Tango key quest icon Pass the Message 16 (16) <Eggther> Altgard East Gate (Altgard)
Tango campaign quest icon Take the Initiative 15 (10) <Nokir> Basfelt Village (Altgard)
Tango key quest icon Treasure Seek 16 (16) <Lateni> Heart of Impetusium (Altgard)
Tango campaign quest icon Trespassers at the Observatory 17 (12) <Aurtri> Altgard Observatory (Altgard)

Usage Edit

NPC traders
NPCItem type
<Lohaban>All caster weapons
Cloth armor
Chain armor
<Lateni>All melee weapons
Leather armor
Plate armor

Items Edit

Green Sword type 1 <Rank 9 Asmodian Sword>Lateni
Green Greatsword type 1 <Rank 9 Asmodian Greatsword>Lateni
Green Polearm type 1 <Rank 9 Asmodian Polearm>Lateni
Green Dagger type 1 <Rank 9 Asmodian Dagger>Lateni
Green Bow type 1 <Rank 9 Asmodian Bow>Lateni
Green Tome type 1 <Rank 9 Asmodian Spellbook>Lohaban
Green Orb type 1 <Rank 9 Asmodian Orb>Lohaban
Green Staff type 1 <Rank 9 Asmodian Staff>Lohaban
Green Mace type 1 <Rank 9 Asmodian Mace>Lohaban
Green Shoes <Rank 9 Asmodian Shoes>Lohaban
Green Gloves <Rank 9 Asmodian Gloves>Lohaban
Green Pauldrons <Rank 9 Asmodian Pauldrons>Lohaban
Green Leggings <Rank 9 Asmodian Leggings>Lohaban
Green Tunic <Rank 9 Asmodian Tunic>Lohaban
Green Boots <Rank 9 Asmodian Boots>Lateni
Green Vambrace <Rank 9 Asmodian Vambrace>Lateni
Green Shoulderguards <Rank 9 Asmodian Shoulderguards>Lateni
Green Breeches <Rank 9 Asmodian Breeches>Lateni
Green Jerkin <Rank 9 Asmodian Jerkin>Lateni
Green Brogans <Rank 9 Asmodian Brogans>Lohaban
Green Handguards <Rank 9 Asmodian Handguards>Lohaban
Green Spaulders <Rank 9 Asmodian Spaulders>Lohaban
Green Chausses <Rank 9 Asmodian Chausses>Lohaban
Green Hauberk <Rank 9 Asmodian Hauberk>Lohaban
Green Sabatons <Rank 9 Asmodian Sabatons>Lateni
Green Gauntlets <Rank 9 Asmodian Gauntlets>Lateni
Green Shoulderplates <Rank 9 Asmodian Shoulderplates>Lateni
Green Greaves <Rank 9 Asmodian Greaves>Lateni
Green Breastplate <Rank 9 Asmodian Breastplate>Lateni
Green Shield type 1 <Rank 9 Asmodian Shield>Lateni
Green Shield type 1 <Rank 9 Asmodian Scale Shield>Lohaban

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