Irresistible Soup
Race Asmodian
Type Standard quest
Number 2307
Given by <Favyr>
in Morheim Ice Field
Level 21 (20)
Sharable Yes
Abandon Yes
In-game Link [quest: 2307]

Favyr wants to win a bet by tempting Spedor with aromatic soup. Get the ingredient for the soup and help Favyr.

Quest Information Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Obtain the Soup Ingredient that will tempt <Spedor> and put it in the Aromatic Soup.
<Daru Brisket> (0/1)
<Crasaur Flipper> (0/1)
<Worg Thigh Meat> (0/1)
<Tender Hock Meat> (0/1)
  • Offer the soup to Spedor.
  • Report the result to <Favyr>.

Basic Reward Edit

Walkthrough Edit

After getting the quest, kill <Savvy Daru> to the east to get the Daru Brisket which will make the correct soup. The other items make bad smelling soup which will not work.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"Oh good, you haven't left? I'm in a quandary, friend. I'd really like to go back to the Fortress and talk with with Nina, but I can't leave here yet!
I certainly can't go back and see Nina if I'll just be embarrassing myself."
1 "Embarrassing yourself how?"
"I make bets--a lot of bets--with Eveti. I often lose, and then she forces me to do something really embarrassing.
Last time I lost a bet, she made me spend a whole day loitering around the Angelic Frippery in Pandaemonium with a sign that said "Free Kisses!"
1 "So?"
"So...when I heard about this loopy Daeva stationed in Morheim, I thought this was it! It was the perfect opportunity to get her back!
Eveti bet Spedor will stay under that waterfall for a hundred years, and I said he wouldn't last a week. So I can't leave until he comes out.
But I've a plan to speed this along. He's been in there two days, so he's got to be hungry.
How about you help me make a soup? It has to smell so tempting he won't be able to resist!"

Accept Edit

"I thought about what ingredients we can find around here for making soup, and I think Daru Brisket or Crasaur Flipper would be quite nice. Worg Thigh Meat or Tender Hock Meat wouldn't be so bad either.
You can choose which ingredient we should use, [Player Name]. Put whichever one sounds the most delicious in the Aromatic Soup and it won't be long before Spedor comes bursting out from the waterfall, hahaha!"
X "I'll go hunting."

Decline Edit

"Oh, No! If I lose this bet, there's no telling what I'll have to do!
I can't possibly face anyone in the Fortress with that prospect hanging over my head."
X "Maybe you should handle this yourself."

Intermediate Dialogue Edit

Adding ingredients
(You add the ingredient.)
1 "Add the Daru Brisket."
(The Daru Brisket turns brown.)
X "That smells delicious."
2 "Add the Crasaur Flipper."
3 "Add the Worg Thigh Meat."
4 "Add the Tender Hock Meat."
(Something seems to have gone terribly wrong.)
X "Yuck! That looks and smells terrible!"

Successful Soup Edit

"Oh, what do I smell? I smell something amazing.
That aroma...what is it?
1 "We made some nice hot soup."
"I... Am I...drooling?
Oh, that smells so good! I've got to have some!"
1 "Enjoy!"

Unsuccessful Soup Edit

"What is that stench? Are you boiling old boots?
I think I'm going to be sick..."
1 "Sorry!"

Reward Dialogue Edit

"Hahaha! I won the bet at last! I can finally get my revenge on Eveti. What should I make her do?
She'll be so mad that she lost! Hahaha!"
1 "Or you can go back to the Fortress."
"Oh, I nearly forgot! Yes, I can plot my revenge at the fortress.
Thanks, [Player Name]. Thank you for helping me!"

Summary Edit

Favyr said he could only leave once he won the bet about when Spedor leaves the waterfall. He asked for your help.

So you found an ingredient that made the soup give off a delicious aroma, and Spedor came bursting out unable to hold out any longer.

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