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Kahrun is a revered Reian Elder who has a mysterious past and wields remarkable power. He used to be based out of the Sarpan Capitol, from where he led the Reian struggle against the Balaur. His Will is absolute and he forbids the fighting between Asmodian and Elyos.

Location Edit

Background Edit

In the 4.0 expansion of Aion, it is revealed that Triniel and Nezekan are the parents of the Reian leader, Kahrun. According to the book Legend of Eltnen 3, the birth of a child to Empyrean Lords was taboo, and explicitly punished by Aion himself. The Eracus Temple was created as a playground for Kahrun while he grew up in hiding. The two Empyrean Lords discover one another again and try to help their son who was injured by Beritra's minions in Infinity Shard. They succeed in teleporting him out from the battlefield, then retreat.

In 4.7 it is revealed Kahrun survived his wounds and his condition is improving, however he is not ready to go back to his tribe. The player and him experience a vision at the same time, about the teleportation technology research conducted in Linkgate Foundry. He assists the player on accessing it and attempt to prevent Beritra's invasion.

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