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Kaldor is a volcanic region introduced in the 4.7 update. It is an optional map for adventurers of level 65 and follows the three races in their bid for supremacy over the map' fortress, Wealhtheow's Keep. The faction that controls the fortress controls the region, and can unlock the Berserk Anoha event as well as several additional quests for both factions that award Ancient Coins and GP.

Accessing Kaldor Edit

  • Via the Teleporter in Cygnea (Elyos) or Enshar (Asmodians).
  • Via Teleporter in Iluma (Elyos) or Norsvold (Asmodians).
  • Via Advance Corridors that are present in the some of the bases in Levinshor (North Relay, South Relay, Dragon Lord's Shrine).
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    Aion 4.7 Soundtrack - Kaldor Settlement

Lay of the Land Edit

  • Shared Map.
  • 24/7 Open-World PvP (neutral zones = races' starting points).
  • 1 Fortress, 3 artifacts.
  • 2 Idian Depths access points.

Elyos players start at Saparinerk's Settlement (5 o' clock), while Asmodian players will find themselves at Rubirinerk's Settlement (2 o' clock). The starting areas near the neutral zones are separated from rest of the map via chasms and are one-way travel: once you jump off, you can't get back on. These areas can be reached by the opposing faction if they own Wealhtheow's Keep or use the appropriate Advance Corridor found in one of the Levinshor bases mentioned above.

The map itself is rather small and usually sees little to no activity outside of siege hours. There are a few quests for lv65 players to help them gain a basic overview of the land. There is a (shared) access point for the Danuar Reliquary instance and all its variations located near the centre of the map. In 4.8 this portal became the only access point for the Danuar Reliquary. The entrance to the Eternal Bastion was moved to Kaldor as well: both factors slightly increased map activity.

Kaldor is also one of the maps where Chargeable Stigma Bundles may drop from monsters. As of 4.8, it is also the only map where Blood Marks can be converted into Ancient Coins (in the respective races' base/camp).

Fortresses Edit

Siege Fortresses

Said to be the hardest fortress in the game to capture thus far, Wealhtheow's Keep is located at the western edge of the map and is the prime focus of Kaldor. The faction that controls the fortress controls the entire map, allowing members of the conquering race to teleport to the starting area of the opposing race which is normally off-limits. The Brigade General of the conquering legion can also unlock the Berserk Anoha event. Those who participated in the siege may also obtain a rare title, which can be used to unlock additional quests.

Capturing the fortress is by no means an easy task, and the faction will thus need "all players it can muster" to come out on top. Wealhteow's Keep is vulnerable for one hour, once a week. When captured, the conquering legion may only defend it once. When this limit is reached, ownership of the fortress is shifted back to the Balaur 5 minutes before the second time it goes live, similar to the system employed at the Hearts in Tiamaranta.

In other to raise the chances of capturing it, it is recommended to pre-siege and capture/hold the three artifacts beforehand. Controlling an artifact will also open up a teleportal at and to the concerning location, allowing faster & easier access for your faction. It is also an idea to control at least one (or both) of the bases on the map to gain access to mobile siege weapons and/or prevent the opposing faction from using them.

The Guardian General itself has a tremendous amount of HP and can easily bring any Daeva to their knees. An invulnerable shield may also appear on it under certain conditions: in order to remove this shield, the faction must capture and hold all three gates (North, East, South) during siege time. These gates cannot be ignored, or the siege will fail. Careful planning should be insured, as the opposite faction may be at the Deity while you capture the gates, or vice versa.

Instances Edit

Group Instances

Alliance Instances

History Edit

"Kaldor roils and groans with the consequences of an ancient mistake. Cinder-ridden forests choke on the ashen reminders of the dangers of Ide. This place is a struggle between a petrified memory of old, and the growth of a new age trying to forget. Anoha, a forgotten Danuar hero, stands at the heart of it all. His ancient blade, sunken into the stone of Wealhtheow’s Keep, may hold the answers to how Kaldor met its end. As lava belches forth onto this Ide-soaked land from the depths, Beritra moves across Kaldor with purpose."

--Official description from the 4.7 patch notes.

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