Title <Merc Captain>
Race Elyos
Affiliation Kalion Mercenary
Rating Normal
Rank Disciplined
Level 20
HP 3,051
Normal NPC Portrait
Icon emblem inhabitant

Kalio is the Captain of the Kalio Mercenaries, who stands in front of the Nobelium in Akarios Village in Poeta. He is broad-minded and generous, and organized the Mercenaries.

Locations Edit

Quests Edit

Starts quest
Involved in quests
Ends quest

Dialogue Edit

"Working hard I trust, [Player Name]. Every mercenary in the unit must earn their Kinah.
If I find a troublemaker or skulker, I'll not hesitate to remove them."
1 "Everyone must pull their weight."
X "I have work to do."
"There is one rule in this unit--success, regardless of cost.
Reputation is everything for us. I will not watch the good name of the Kalion Mercenaries suffer because of a few egg-hatchers.
You've made a great start to your career--carry on like this and you'll make more money than you could possibly spend."
X "Thank you, Captain."
With quests
"Faith and arms, mercenary."

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