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Kalipyerk is a Shugo on Elyos Square who has shields you can rent.

Locations Edit

Dialogue Edit

"Welcome, Daeva.
Kalipyerk has everything you need at lowest prices in Sanctum.
How about latest shields? These all very well-priced, made without using any Balaur material.
Daeva! You say you want old, Balic shields? Say you hear about time-limit to rent non-Balaur pieces?
You have been tricked! Time-limit, yes, but much more effective than nasty old stuff and renew with Kalipyerk any time. Come, take a look."
Buy Buy
Sell Sell

Goods Offered Edit

Blue Shield type 1 Abstract Shield 40 360,700 Kinah icon 14 days
Blue Shield type 1 Chronal Shield 30 276,100 Kinah icon 14 days
*Note: Prices are an approximate 100% value and may fluctuate based on your servers' Influence Ratio.

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