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Kierunerk is watching <Mino> perform on the Outer Dock. He is a Shugo belonging to the Black Cloud Traders and has a great talent for business.

Locations Edit

Quests Edit

Involved in quest
Ends quest

Dialogue Edit

"Daeva has come to trade, yes?
Kierunerk knew this, special deals just for you are under his counter. Just whisper in his ear what you want.
Secrets shared are wishes fulfilled, yes? Whatever you need finds his paws."
1 "I'm fine, thanks."
X "Goodbye."
"Daeva should not feel shame. Everybody comes to Kierunerk's. Secrets are safe here.
Very discreet service. Many important clients. No words are spoken, no fear takes hold.
You need Odella? Otombliss? Something else? Yes?"
X "I said... wait, what?"

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