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Kreon is a bard at the Fountain of Light in the Sky Garden. He takes his craft seriously and looks down on Valendir as a frivolous blabber-mouth.

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Dialogue Edit

"I call my fellow Daevas 'Kinsmen,' you know. It's a habit of mine.
No offense given, I trust.
I find it easier to empathize with people if I think of them as my brothers and sisters. It makes the act of reciting poetry for them... personal... more intimate."
1 "Would you recite a poem for me?"
X "Farewell."
"I'm sorry, but I can't produce a poem for you just off the cuff. I'm an artist, not a short order chef.
Someone like Valendir rattles off a poem every five minutes, full of flowery words and pretty phrases, but I take my craft seriously.
Poetry has to come from the heart or it's meaningless. I require solitude and peace to create. I prefer to do my writing alone, in the middle of the night, while the city sleeps."
X "Are you sure it's not writer's block?"

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