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Title <Shipyard Manager>
Race Shugo
Affiliation Sanctum inhabitant
Rating Normal
Rank Disciplined
Level 17
HP 2,522
Aggro range 20m
Normal NPC Portrait
Icon emblem inhabitant

Kunberunerk is a Shugo and the Shipyard President. He's at the Tempest Shipyard during the day and the Dionysia Tavern at night. He keeps it quiet that he's involved with a Human girl, <Emir>.

Locations Edit

Quests Edit

Involved in quests

Dialogue Edit

"Daeva has come here to order a ship, yes? Kunbernerk's shipyard is the biggest and best in all of Sanctum!
Whenever you need a ship, just tell Kunbernerk.
No other Shugo can match his work, or his prices!"
X "Farewell."
With quests
"Is there a better shipyard in all of Sanctum? No, no!"

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