Let No Tether Remain
Race Asmodian
Type Standard quest Tango quest icon repeatable
Repeats 200
Number 2574
Given by Sleipnir
in Besfer Ghost Village
Level 37 (36)
Preceded by Tango quest icon <Undead Wildlife> [37]
Sharable No
Abandon Yes
In-game Link [quest: 2574]

To prevent the undead from resurrecting, their contaminated possessions must be incinerated. Destroy the undead in Besfer Ghost Village, collect the contaminated objects, and take them to Eldir at the incinerator.

Quest Information Edit

Objectives Edit

Banshee Apron (0/7)
Boggart Hat (0/8)
Zombie's Plow (0/9)

Basic Reward Edit

Walkthrough Edit

After getting the quest, go south of Besfer Ghost Village and kill the mobs to collect the required number of each of the contaminated objects. Take them back to Eldir to be incinerated.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"The villagers spend less time bothering me now, but things are still far from good.
It's those sun-blighted undead. They're everywhere.
I spoke to a priest who's a bit of an expert, and he told me why there are more undead rather than fewer, in spite of our efforts."
1 "What did he say?"
"According to him, an undead creature's energies seep into its possessions and binds part of its spirit to the objects, allowing it to resurrect.
So we kill them and kill them, and they're using their own blasted possessions as obelisks!
So this time [Player Name], when we destroy the undead in Besfer Ghost Village, we're going to finish the job. Can I count on you?"

Accept Edit

"Banshees, Boggarts, Zombies--all of them.
Search the corpses for Banshee Aprons, Boggart Hats, and Zombie's Plows, and take them to the Torch Keeper Eldir at the Incinerator.
He'll do the burning for us."
X "The task is mine!"

Decline Edit

"Oh, really, [Player Name]?
I think you understand the importance of this task.
I would be...disappointed if you're refusing me because you just can't be bothered."
X "No, it's not that...."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"Ah! You were sent by Centurion Sleipnir, I presume?
Did you bring the contaminated items?
Give them to me, and I'll burn them before their owners can resurrect."
1 "Do it. Please."
"You have done well, [Player Name]. This can't have been an easy task.
This is the reward Centurion Sleipnir left for you.
You ought to leave now. I have incinerating to do."

Summary Edit

Centurion Sleipnir learned that contaminated objects must be incinerated to prevent the undead from resurrecting.

You went to the Besfer Ghost Village and destroyed Banshees, Boggarts, and Zombies. You brought their contaminated objects to the Torch Keeper Eldir for incineration.

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